I will order replacement transistors for all but only replace those that need The 2SC’s are used in both the pre-amp and main amp, if that. Hi All, total noob here but wanted to confirm something before I actually start replacing these transistors on my Akai GXd. Local electronic. 2SC, NPN 2SC, 2SC NPN Low Frequency Transistor, buy 2SC

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It really depends on what you call a category so the list could be more but the idea is that a replacement, at least electrically, can more often than not be trabsistor from a wide selection of transistors.

Those who have studied EE can easily resolve this problem in that the parameter of transistors is part of the course usually. I found this quote from a thread by jpdylon, a really good tech.

Don’t worry, virtually every transistors are better than the 2SC I noticed that there is one end transistr the three point pin connection and has a white filled in square. Factory technician for both Yamaha and JVC.

What do 2s458 think? Find all posts by johns The service manual schematic diagram also shows a picture of all transistors. RosserClarkJan 1, Transistors, where to buy?? This is in hopes of getting the recording function working again.

I’lI swap those 4 on power supply.

Infamous 2SC Transistors – Tapeheads Tape, Audio and Music Forums

I think it’s the highest currently being made. All sorts of parameters can matter. Asside from 2sf458 who else used 2SC’s? Skywavebe Skywave Tape Deck Repair. Hell if I remember right the replacements for 2SC have reversed pins compared to the older ones. Last edited by Pacific Stereo; at Reel To Reel All discussions pertaining to reel to reel decks.


ElectoneJul 17, I have the ‘s that have the flat top and not the slant top ones. Mark J Burning Tape. Except a KSC, which is a lower-noise part and a lot cheaper. It is not that hard.

Damn, I already ordered KSC from Mouser as part of big order and they charge much for transistorr overseas. Yamaha CR is actually praised for tuner although I don’t use it at all. If you need help there are those of us around that have the transistor sub manuals as published by the Japanese.

Guys, I have a whole forest of them on my tuner board: I can’t imagine a company will release a product that consistently does not work and still be in 2s458 a year later. Find all posts by Mosesmunoz. Log in or Sign up. DetailmanJan 1, You could invert the device pretending the emitter is the collector and the collector is the emitter and it would work with EXTREME limitations.

2SC – 2SC NPN Low Frequency Transistor

Not the same gear you’re working on, but the thread is here. KSC is one that folks use, frequently. Some devices are noisier than others, and this transistorr be especially noticeable in certain circuits.

The 2SC was recommended, and I was going to get them, but Mouser is the only place I could find them, and they won’t get any in stock for 6 weeks.

Pacific Stereo Sendust for brains. And Happy New Year! My only concern is in circuit that use more than 50mA Ic and in this part I wish it was a little more. For example Saul Marantz loved to take advantage of s2c458 characteristics and would supply characterized devices as replacements.


Substitute for 2SC458?

For one, I don’t see how reversing collector and emitter changes the polarity of the device. Is there a particular version of this transistor that is reliable, or are they trahsistor all bad and best to get rid of whenever found?

That means that if you had five transistors, each from a different group, you would be able to replace anything you come across.

Typically 2SC or 2SD transistors can be found inside the same line to work or if you like to determine the match yourself, you can do that. I prefer the later for its low noise and low leakage characteristics” Hope this helps. Repaired many Transstor using that replacement transistor.

Amen as regards the NTE devices. Contact Us – Tapeheads. Are there any good versions of the 2SC? I guess most amp circuit do not use 50mA or more for this size of transistor. Having said that, the is easier to find and is available most everywhere. I replaced the C with BC Then they post up a substitution list and buyer beware, sometimes they aren’t close and don’t work. These include general usage, recording, playback, and service questions.