AR , Physical Security of Arms, Ammunition, and Explosives. b. . Sign- Out: The Key/Lock Custodian will maintain a key control register for both sets of. PHYSICAL SECURITY OF ARMS, AMMUNITION AND EXPLOSIVES. AFVA-3BD 07 June MEMORANDUM FOR PERSONNEL CONCERNED. SUBJECT: Key Control SOP. 1. References: a: AR b: AR

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Return from Field Inventory: Read the Text Version. For a period less than 24 hours. Are all NVDs kept in their protective cases and further stored in a locked container, such as a modified wall locker that is securely affixed to the structure of the building ARpara 36b 1 a-e?

Is a removable fire symbols Orange 4 attached to the outside of the building and armsroom when storing over rounds? Normal hours of operation for the main gates: Are repair parts locked in a separate building or room meeting the secure storage structure standards and accessible only to designated maintenance or supply personnel as required by ARpara ? Immediately report violations to the Company Commander. Arms Room Key Control: To prescribe policies and procedures for safeguarding unclassified Army property.

The unit armorer or the Arms room Officer will not conduct this inventory.

Do POL tank trucks containing fuel and not under surveillance of the operator or a dedicated guard have locked hatch covers and locked manifold access doors as required bypara a?

The ammunition can be retained for emergency cases when armed guards are necessary. All conrol are responsible for physical security within the unit. POL trucks will not have the steering column locked; all hoses, manifold access doors, and hatches will be locked. The headquarters company commander can authorize the storage of small quantities of operational ammunition in the arms room. Jey the fence fabric securely fastened to the fence posts as required by AR35d and FMpara b?


The following information will be maintained on the register.

Signature of person conducting the inventory: Tenants weapons will be identified by: In this case, other companies must coordinate with the headquarters element for ammunition. All keys and combinations to locks will be accounted for at all times.

Security Of Arms, Ammunition And Explosives

This appendix outlines procedures and policies and gives guidance for the safeguarding and accounting of weapons qr sensitive items in the arms room. ARpara b ; DA Pam A locked and sealed container is defined as: To provide guidance on procedures for key and lock control. TAB V Individuals authorized to change combinations on security containers are designated cotrol writing by the commander.

C Are racks constructed to prevent the removal of a weapon by disassembly, as required by ARpara c 3? Contol memorandum will remain on file in the Arms Room for 2 years no discrepancies or 4 with discrepancies I have verified the information in the memo. A copy of the company unaccompanied access roster will be posted in the arms room. Written instructions will be provided by the company and posted for the guards.


Security Of Arms, Ammunition And Explosives

TAB R Keys to IDS, arms, ammunition and explosive storage areas, arms rooms, racks, containers, and supply room are maintained separately from other keys. If the operator has a learner permit then the TC must have a valid license for that equipment. Command Policy on Privately Owned Weapons 1.

TAB Q When not in cohtrol, all arms are secured in arms racks or containers within the arms rooms. How Life Began On the Earth.

Is a SF Security Container check Sheet being used to annotate openings and closings of the arms room as by recommended by Ft.

If the motor pool has a Risk Analysis for Security Procedural Measures, Level I, are guards ke roving patrols checking the motor pool for tampering, sabotage, loss and damage at intervals not exceeding 4 hours during nonduty hours as required by ARpara f 1? The gate guard unit is responsible for the lunch rotation and other personal hygiene matters. All company personnel wishing to store their privately owned weapons in their contrkl quarters will first obtain written authorization from the commander.

Risk level determined from last risk analysis: Ensure that all vehicles leaving the motor pool for a road test are properly marked i.

TAB T Triple barrier protection of small arms, ammunition, and explosives will be in effect.