AS 1— Australian Standard ® Formwork for concrete. Part 1: Documentation and surface finish. A S 3 6 1 0. 1 — 2 0 1 0. A c c e s s e d b y. C U R T. Formwork includes the forms on or within which the concrete is poured and the frames .. Formwork should comply with AS Formwork. This paper discusses the relevance of a revised draft of Australian Standard AS Formwork for Concrete to the New Zealand situation. Although.

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W u is for use with limit state design procedures and is derived from V u in AS The readings shall be used for evaluating any relative variations in the surface flatness or line of the element. Design information shall be provided in accordance with Clause 4.

Cast-in-situ concrete—concrete which is placed, as plastic concrete, in its final location as part of the permanent structure. For each combination, add the loads nominated in Columns 3 to 12, and multiply the sum by the factor in Column By switching the ingredients of traditional concrete with transparent ones, or embedding fibre optics, translu This Standard incorporates Amendment No. Surfaces concealed from general view. In some cases the maximum eccentricity may not occur under maximum load.

The location of the testing facility. Profile factors may affect measurement of previous tolerances.

It is important that readers assure themselves they are using a current Standard, which should include any amendments which may have been published since the Standard was purchased. For prestressed concrete units, this check includes the hog.


Detailed information about Australian Standards, drafts, amendments and new projects can be found by visiting www. These loads shall take precedence over those defined in the relevant material design standard.

Unless the direction of the force is known it shall be considered to act in any direction in the horizontal plane and shall be assumed not to act concurrently with the horizontal forces determined in a or b above.

Tolerances in angular dimensions Tolerances in angular dimensions cover squareness or trueness to any specified angle see Figure 3. They reflect the latest scientific and industry experience.

Detailed information about Standards can be found by visiting the Standards Australia web site at www.

The test load for these further tests shall be the same as that used for the test that failed. The straightedge shall be used systematically over the whole concdete of the element to ensure reasonably even coverage, but shall not be used across construction joints.


Surface treatment—the removal of a specified depth of the concrete of the permanent surface by a nominated mechanical means such as sand blasting or jack picking. Minimum requirements for the documentation of the formwork design are also provided in Clause 4.

Notwithstanding this, the point of application of the test loads and the point of application of the reaction s to these loads shall be made at eccentricities which are not less than those given in Clause 4. For components the requirements of Clause 4. For sample evaluation see Paragraph A5. Formwork assembly—an assembly of formwork components including footings which together constitute a structure.


Australian Standard AS Formwork for Concrete

Wind loads Part 4: Built to close tolerances. In the case of vertical struts, this distance will usually be the distance from the base plate to the underside of the bearer. For example, refer to Table 5. Precast concrete—concrete which is placed, as plastic concrete, in a location other than in its final location as part of the permanent structure.

Deep re-vibration of the concrete. Products which have become commercially available since the publication of CIRIA Report in should be investigated to determine whether they should be classified as retarders. Form-face span The form-face span shall be checked by inspection of the formwork prior to placing the concrete.

For design to ASthe combined reduction factor of Column 13 is to be taken as 1. The required measurements are as follows: