ASTM D; IP Method A*. # to +30°C temperature range. # Accepts up to 12 SimAir® test cells. # Internal refrigeration unit. # Mounting for Brookfield. ASTM D Standard Test Method for Low-Temperature Viscosity of Automatic Transmission Fluids, Hydraulic Fluids, and Lubricants. ASTM D – Standard Test Method for Apparent Viscosity of Adhesives Having Shear-Rate-Dependent Flow Properties Using Rotational Viscometry. Scope.

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SimAir™ Test Cells for ASTM D

Procedure B is used when a mechanically refrigerated programmable liquid bath is used to cool samples in preparation for viscosity measurement. Recommended are at least 2 reference fluids for each desired test temp. Ample storage is provided inside the cold chambers for pre- cooling the insulated cell carriers. The use of programmable liquid baths for ASTM D29833 has been allowed since asstm first development of the test if the cooling profile meets the specifications of Annex A2 of the method.

Paperless videographic temperature recorder with flash memory card. At least two reference fluids are recommended for each desired test temperature per viscosity. The key factor in this improved precision is the superior temperature control of the sample as its viscosity is being measured. Model BV is a smaller, floor space saving, compact unit, with 12 sample capacity.

Ample storage is provided inside the cold chambers for pre- cooling the insulated cell carriers. The spindle is connected while the sample is still in the liquid bath.


It is designed for those laboratories with a very light sample load ast limited space and budget. After the 16 hours conditioning time, the turntable is manually rotated until the awtm test cell is under the viscometer. The illuminated jar allows full visibility of the test samples to facilitate the proper position of the spindle bead immersion level.

This allows the measurement of viscosity without removing the sample from the temperature controlled environment.

Lawler | ASTM D Low Temp Brookfield Viscosity Baths

Floor Model Viewing Window. Procedure C is used when a asgm refrigerated constant temperature liquid bath is used to cool samples by means of a simulated air cell SimAir 3 Cell in preparation for viscosity measurement.

Low temperature viscosity values obtained by either interpolation or extrapolation of oils may be subject to errors caused by gelation and other forms of non-Newtonian response to spindle speed and torque. No viewing window, but with digital sample temperature display.

SimAir™ Test Cells for ASTM D2983

The two chambers allow simultaneous conditioning of samples at the same or different temperatures for quicker data collection then with only one apparatus.

A digital, indicating controller with resolution of 0. Kits do not include the Brookfield Viscometer, which can be purchased separately.

The twin air chambers are independently temperature controlled. Historical Version s – view previous versions of standard. Model BV has two air test chambers. Far superior viscosity data repeatability is obtained using this procedure as opposed to the air chamber procedure. Referenced Documents purchase separately The documents listed below are referenced within the subject standard but are not provided as part of the standard.


The success of the ATF asm and the development of this test method has over time been applied to other fluids qstm lubricants such as gear oils, hydraulic fluids, and so forth. A digital, indicating controller with resolution of 0. Windows based PC proprietary software is capable of controlling two baths simultaneously. Caution should be taken when handling mercury and mercury containing products. The bath is an unsilvered Dewar jar holding about 3 liters of bath medium.

Model BV has an 28 cm 11 inch square, multipane, insulated window with fluorescent light for observation of the interior, with 28 sample capacity. Measurement of the viscometric properties of these oils and fluids at low temperatures is often used to specify their acceptance for service. Brookfield digital viscometer and DV Loader configuration software.

A Windows based PC is required not supplied. Block Bath for sample preconditioning, 10 test positions. Sample temperature digital display for Model BV70 only; included with others. Recommended accessories for BV40 or BV Procedure A is used when only an air bath is used to cool samples in preparation for viscosity measurement.

It is the responsibility of the user of this standard to establish appropriate safety and health practices and determine the applicability of regulatory limitations prior to use.