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Valladolid leaving an unpublished volume of tales of chivalry. Little is known of this futile attempt at colonization except through the writings of Astrologoa and Lery, the latter correcting what he calls the falsehoods and errors of the former.

Not in Harrisse; who only gives the Paris Edition of the same year No.

The Two Parts in one volume. A’eparate chapter is allotted to the Conquest of Mexico, wherein the apssadas discourses upon the relations between Cortes and Montezuma; the death of the Emperor; the hostilities between Spaniards and Mexicans; and Cortes’ various journeys between Mexico and Spain. Paris, Reginald and Claude Calder, This is the first Polyglot Psalter and was edited by Aug.

Cforrefuoe j oua marin ceanitr rpania Varratio 3acratiffimo. Panizzi Bibliotheca Grenvilliana thought it appeared from to The Portuguese attacked and destroyed the post in According to Rodrigues, copies of this book are very rare.

With very curious large woodcuts of Indians, fine double-page maps. In his letter, he describes the work and death of Saint Francis Ashrologia, the Apostle of the East, who was then a Padre, and the first Jesuit to set foot in India. Wittemberg, Peter Seitz, ; and N. The three preliminary pages of the Atlas contain three further diagrams, one of which is a small map of the world also shewing America.


Woodcut maps and numerous astronomical charts in text. He was entrusted by the King with the examination of pilots and sailing-masters for the Indies, taught navigation, and was held in high esteem as a cosmographer. This work, which records the memorable events in Spanish history up to the time of Charles V, includes a long account of the reign of Ferdinand and Isabella, mentioning the American possessions, and the curious statement that “Pedro Colon” was sent out with a fleet to explore the Atlantic.

De situ habitabilis orbis. He returned to Hispaniola Nov. C Church Catalogue, No. Large woodcut Arms on title. Landshut, Joannes Weyssenburger, circa The map is printed on two sheets.

Dicionario portugues | Alan Barros –

Old red morocco, gilt panel, panel back, g. These four leaves which are appended to the Brevissima Relacion are usually mentioned as a separate tract, though it is really a part of that work. He spent thirty-four of the seventy-nine years of his life in America, crossing the Atlantic eight times; and died at. E del poderio del gran Can y otros reyes. A work of great rarity.

Bibliotheca americana et philippina. [Vol. 1, no. 5]

The idea of calling the newly discovered world AMERICA originated with the compiler of the work before us, one Martin Waltzmiiller, or Waldseemuller, a native of Freiburg, who held a professorship in the gymnasium of St.

A curious and rare little book, containing chapters astgologia the signs of the zodiac and its influence on human life; astronomical tables and calculations for hours, days, phases of the moon, sunrise and sunset, and all the known methods of arranging the calendar: They had brought to light qstrologia rude tribes, which, however gentle and inoffensive in their manners, were still in the primitive stages of barbarism.

Les Principes de Geometrie. Quid enim jam sperandum est, nisi extremam illam Orientis oram nostrae occidentali conjunctam et ad veri Dei fidem cultumque traductam Marginal repair to title-page. With large geographical and astronomical diagrams in the text. See also footnote to No.

A Companion to the Great Western Schism (1378-1417) (Brill’s Companions to the Christian Tradition)

Voyages of Petrus Alonzo. The passage in question, however, was not written by him, but had been copied from the same map in the editions of and Above the map is a blank shield, and above this, touching the ceiling, floral festoons.


The last chapter 40 is devoted to the lands undescribed by Ptolemy, including America; the scantiness of the particulars that Glareanus is able to give about America, some thirty years after its discovery, shows how long it took to spread the knowledge of the New Continent.

He subsequently became chronicler to Charles V, and achieved fame as the author of the greatest contemporary history of America. Stultus hyperboreunim nffuram flecrir ad axeni: With 19 maps and other woodcuts.

Rerum toto orbe memorabilium thesaurus. The only bibliographer who mentioned the book before Cordier, Innooencio da Silva, mentions its extreme rarity. Vignette of a mounted globe on title, and numerous illustrations, including various revolving diagrams of globes, etc. Seville, Martin de Montesdoca, I Antwerp, Joannes Grapheus, I In he was the Chaplain and Secretary to Cortes,his connexion with whom gives value to his work, especially as he had access to many documents which have since disappeared.

A valuable addition to the text is the ” Copia delle lettere del prefetto della India la Nova Spagna detta,” which comprises the earliest authentic description of Francisco Pizarro’s entry into Peru, the original document having been received in Europe only a year before the publication of this book.

With a full-page woodcut of the Royal Coat of Arms on the reverse of the title; full-page woodcut portrait of Pope Clement VII; and the fine folding woodcut plate containing the picturesque plan of Mexico city, and a small map of the Gulf of Mexico. It mentions the Grijalva Expedition and the first voyage of Darien.