The V. Rev. Fr. Peter Gillquist, Chair of the Antiochian Archdiocese Department of Missions and Evangelism and the publisher of AGAIN, was interviewed by the. More than just an apologia for becoming Eastern Orthodox, Peter Gillquist’s book is an important chapter in the history of American Evangelicalism. Gillquist. Fr. Peter Gillquist, Chair of the Antiochian Archdiocese Department of Missions and Evangelism and the publisher of AGAIN, was interviewed by the magazine.

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You cited as an example a couple of Episcopal dioceses that are leaving the Episcopal Church. Sometimes they look overseas, for example to Anglican bishops in Africa, as a possible place where they could come and live under their oversight.

Return to Book Page. They found that the early Church was liturgical, retaining a Judaic structure of worship after the expulsion from the synagogues, and giolquist it was built around the Eucharist, which was seen as no mere commemoration but as a true mystery of faith.

The first half was excellent. Gillquist and other Orthorox leaders traveled to Istanbul to meet with Patriarch Demetrios I of Constantinople but were unable to complete any substantial progress toward their goal. This is a book, for Orthodox Christians, looking for ways to bring new life to their own Churches.

Books by Peter E. Well, as far as we were concerned, the whole thing was very genuine.

Peter Gillquist – OrthodoxWiki

We had them by the thousands. Do you think anything like what happened in the seventies will ever happen again? I knew little of the orthrodox faith,the book was good but,it dealt more with his journey than the faith itself. Also in the area of evangelism. It was interesting for me to read his book because its content added to my understanding of what happened to some of the Campus Crusade for Christ lead Once, in the s, as a student at the University of Minnesota, I was invited during the summer to be part of Campus Crusade Camp’s group of volunteers during which time I briefly met Peter E.


Apr 27, Dustan Holland rated it it was ok. What mistakes were made orthofox the way? The notes that accompany the text I think are a significant help to both Orthodox and non-Orthodox, and there are quite a number of people who have become Orthodox through reading the Orthodox Study Bible [New Testament, published in ].

What were the goals? Yes in the sense that in the Church we found those doctrines, those precious biblical truths we held dear, many of which we knew as Protestants, many of which we had to learn as Orthodox. Orthoddox is continuing to bring people into His Holy Church.

If you were preaching to them, what encouragement would you offer? Gillquist, “Orthodox Church in America. Where Christ is Lord. They attended various offerings at Orthodox churches, met with Orthodox apologists such as the famed Fr Alexander Becomimg, and tried themselves to follow Orthodox traditions in their own worship.

Becoming Orthodox: A Journey to the Ancient Christian Faith

Gillquist holds no grudge becomlng his former religious tradition, and simply, kindly, tells his story, or to borrow the familiar term, his testimony. The gift of evangelism had largely been lost in the twentieth-century Orthodox Church.

Theological arguments are not very deep, but friendly to Evangelical Protestants without much formal training. What was going on in terms of the early Evangelical Orthodox Church?


If you had it all to do over again, what would you do gillquist Thirdly, I would say Bible teaching-oriented sermons. The parts about orthodoxy itself was pretty interesting.

It cannot feed the soul and is divorced from the entirety of Christendom. However, they were able to meet with the Patriarch of Antioch during his historic visit to Los Angeles that year.

By the way, one other thing that will probably be encouraging to pastors and people. If you had a time machine and could go back towhat would you say to this group of 2, evangelicals who were moving toward Orthodoxy? They travelled widely, trying to organise rallies at such universities as the uber-liberal Berkeley and Roman Catholic Notre Dame. After oryhodox discussions, Gillquist led seventeen parishes with 2, members into the Antiochian Archdiocese in The most interesting section was the first section describing how so many Campus Crusade for Christ staff reverse engineered Apostolic Christianity by analyzing primary sources with an open mind.

Be realistic, but dream a little. He hints–correctlythat the table of contents page in the Bible is also tradition. These things do not make a good context for aggressive, godly evangelism.

Gillquist July 13, – July 1, [1] was an archpriest in the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America and retired chairman of the archdiocese’s department of missions and evangelism.