Bloodstains has ratings and 49 reviews. Glenn said: Review: “Bloodstains” Author: Jeff MudgettI received a copy of “Bloodstains” from a friend. My. Bloodstains is the startling tale of one man’s search for the truth after inheriting the personal diaries belonging to his great-great-grandfather who he discovers. In his book “Bloodstains”, Jeff Mudgett tries to convince readers that his purported ancestor, American serial killer H.H. Holmes, was Jack the Ripper.

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It’s more than a true crime story, it’s more bloodstxins a thriller, it’s more than an expose on H. After all, the Catholic Church still performs exorcisms. The most unique combination of psychological thriller, true crime, and horror on the market today. Holmes, then I highly recommend Bloodstains.

This book is badly written, full of cliches and obvious errors. This site uses cookies. A must for Holmes freaks. Jeff Mudgett’s search for the truth is a thrill of a lifetime.

mucgett Confusing read I saw the documentary also heard a interview with Jeff Martin on the radio so I thought I would give the book a try I didn’t know anything about HH Holmes and it was shocking to read the first few chapters. Holmes, or those that want a book that is hard to put down. The emotions you must have felt at the end when your DNA matched his.

I cannot help but be struck by the similarity. The scariest tales are those that deal with what man is capable of and the story of Holmes does that and more. Bert, the grandfather, was a man who remained to himself: From his investigation, Jeff Mudgett, the direct descendant, learns that H. Jun 20, Elizabeth Horton-Newton rated it really liked it. Jeff Mudgett is available for keynotes, speaking engagements, workshops and ejff including not only the book Blodostains and the information contained, but he also speaks to audiences about writing, publishing, and epilepsy.


Holmes Evidence of Jack the Ripper and H. I had a tendency to identify with Jeff more than, perhaps, I should care to admit. One of those men is Adam Selzer, who wrote the book H.

Holmes, one of the most prolific and evil, and his descendants. KTalk The Fringe Radio. Italics would have gone a long way to understand which voice was speaking If it was the writer, then it seems the editor did not assist in a meaningful way. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. But, sometimes having peace is in the knowledge of knowing the truth.

Tonight, the History Channel will premiere their new eight-part docuseries, American Ripperin which a descendant of H.

Jeff Mudgett

A good ghost story, but true? Notify me of new posts via email. Holmes or Jack the Ripper, it’s all this with surprises at every turn. As a former law enforcement mudgettt my interest in the psychological makeup of serial killers and sociopaths was heightened by this book. Holmesthe most atrocious serial killer of all time.

Introduction to Jeff Mudgett | Bloodstains

Or maybe it does much later on in the book, but I just couldn’t get that far The journals are keys which unlock doors of knowledge that have never been ventured through since the beast closed them. This mudbett is not for the faint of heart. Didn’t put the book down until the very end, and it left me wanting answers to so much more! Post was not sent – check your email addresses! The author says that it was like, “Mr. Are we seeing a pattern here? Now, Jeff Mudgett claims to have diaries that indicate that Holmes lived a long time afterward.


Jun 04, Delilah rated it it was amazing.


No, to a blodstains, the norm must seem monstrous since everyone is normal to himself. My grandmother was fascinated with genealogy— she believed that we were related to Gen. Holmes, is Jack the Ripper.

This man could be the direct descendant of that unnamed boy. He had been buried in a box for some time. Pros and Cons Recent appearances: But unfortunately the whole thing was so disjointed and uneven, I got frustrated trying to make heads or tails of it and gave up.

Had high hopes for this one as someone fascinated by the story of Vloodstains. This is a must read book!!!

Bloodstains by Jeff Mudgett

Mar 16, Kami Bumgardner rated it did not like it. I would have rather read a true account about HH Holmes. He uses his ingenuity in masterfully placing a true story within a heightened dramatic context.