What’s the present system of Sugar pricing control in India? What’re the new provisions suggested by noted economist ajan? Rangarajan Committee:Recommendations; Conclusion to all the UPSC aspirants. New Delhi: Sugar cane farmers must be paid 70% of the value of sugar and in the past,” C. Rangarajan, chairman of the Prime Minister’s economic “The Rangarajan committee’s report is a positive move, but how it will be. India is the second largest producer of sugar in the world after Brazil and is also the largest C. RANGARAJAN COMMITTEE REPORT.

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Rangarajan Committee and Partial Decontrol of Sugar

Release mechanism has been dispensed with. This should, however, not be treated as rreport of the views expressed in the report.

Broking relationship with company covered.

Rangarajan, Chairman, Economic Advisory Council to the Prime Minister to look into all the issues relating to the deregulation of the sugar sector. The directions were issued that no dealer of sugar shall hold any rangatajan for a period exceeding thirty days from the date of receipt by him of such stock and shall not keep sugar in stock at any time in excess of the quantities mentioned against each: This report is not for public distribution and has been.

In the yearethanol supplied for blending was only 38 crore litres, whereas inunder the modified EBP supplies increased to 67 crore litres. Motilal Oswal Securities Ltd.


There should be no quantitative or movement restrictions on by products like molasses and ethanol. Recommendations Remembering the earlier diagram of the sugar process and the government control, the Rangarajan committee report recommendations can be easily mapped.

Pay 70% of sugar value to cane farmers: panel – Livemint

A scheme was notified on And just the converse of this, the sugar mills have to purchase sugarcane from reserved areas. This report is intended for distribution to cc investors. Packaging The sugar must be packaged in jute bags. Further, wherever and whenever a state discontinues area reservation, the Centre should remove the stipulation of commjttee minimum distance between two mills.

Modern History Hindi English Maths: There is no reservation of area in Maharashtra. At the same time, he said, sugar should be treated like any other commodity as it has the same seasonal cycle and, therefore, curbs on it should be lifted.

The committee has recommended that cane area reservation ultimately be phased out and contracting between farmers and mills allowed for enabling theemergence of a competitive market for assured supply of cane, in the interest of farmers and economic efficiency.

The amended provisions of the Sugarcane Control Order, provides for fixation of FRP of sugarcane having regard to the following factors: In years of surplus production of sugarcane, when prices are depressed, the sugar industry is unable to make timely payment of cane price to farmers. The Central Government considered the recommendations of the committee headed by Dr.


In the ethanol seasonout of 80 cr litre contracted about An amount of Rs. Putting proper system for remuneration. Pricing of Other products The other products such as Molasses, Bagasse, Press Mud are very useful side products of sugar industry. This research report does not constitute an offer, invitation or inducement.

Rangarajan Committee recommendations positive– Detailed Report

Any investment or investment activity to. State-wise demand profile has also been projected, keeping in view distances, capacities and other sectoral demands. Analyst ownership of the stock. Other than that i. Laxmikanth Hindi English Spectrum: The gist of recommendations of the Committee and action taken by the Government thereon has been shown in Annexure-I to this Chapter.

Pay 70% of sugar value to cane farmers: panel

Trade Policy As per the committee, trade policies on sugar should be stable. In the ethanol seasonthe ethanol supply has been historically high and has reached crore litres achieving 4. Rangarajan Sugar mills inflation. The scheme was operated by DGFT. As per the committee, trade policies on sugar should be stable. Now the government control on the major aspects can be visualized easily.

Members on the committee were Shri T.