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Cacosmia is permanent and subjective. Sometimes, together with the bone resorption, a decrease in the amount of bone marrow occurs, which involves a problem of blood cells contribution. In the periapical tissue, the inflammation of the cortical bone appears very late due to its thickness and density. This evolution appearance of the pulpitis is not a general one. Variologie Of Print Volume: The dental pathology we face in the group of molars is related to: National Center for Biotechnology InformationU.

Issue 3 First Online: Anatomia omului, Capul si gatul. The blood is redistributed in the arteriovenous shortcuts to the periphery. Sinusal mucosa that typically has 0. Tooth pulp structure is affected by the increase of the pressure in the narrow tissue, a fact that in time produces irreversible metabolic changes.


Chirurgie orala si maxilofaciala.

Odonto-sinusal influences

The progression carologie tooth erosion in a cohort of adolescents of mixed ethnicity. Sometimes, the root channels are also filled with mineral tissue. There are many polyps, and in more advanced stages, they comprise all the sinus polyps that can obstruct and block the drainage ostia. Clinical consequences of untreated dental caries evaluated using PUFA index in orphanage children from India.

PUFA–an index of clinical consequences of untreated dental caries. J Int Oral Health.

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Microbiology-mucosa shows a plasma cell inflammatory infiltrate. It only appears in few cases.

The inflammation surrounding the bone tissue has an effect on the appearance of the local hyperemia and a state of constant irritation to the surrounding area. Moreover, other times, they become odontoclasts and remodel the shape of the inner tooth.

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This article tries to show that the relation is a carkologie one. Open in a separate window. Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer.


The oxygen contribution becomes smaller and the pulp is suffocated, a fact that increases the inflammation. Assessment of the relationship between palatum durum and maxillary bone in patients with nasal polyp, chronic sinusitis or septum deviation. Understanding the chemistry of dental erosion.

The collagen hydrolysis produces the kinina, which makes the vasodilatation and increases the vascular permeability. Please review our privacy policy. The cancellous bone tissue located at the maxillary lateral is carioologie vascularized. In the same time, a cellular answer appears with the growth of the inflammation level. It highly marks the periphery and is less central. Irina-Maria Gheorghiu 1Paula Perlea paula.