Hidden Currents. Christine Feehan. Buy This But as much as I loved Jackson, Hidden Currents is primarily the story of a survivor. Gratsos. Hidden Currents (Sea Haven / Drake Sisters, book 7) by Christine Feehan – book cover, description, publication history. Hidden Currents (Drake Sisters, Book 7) [Christine Feehan] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In her Drake Sisters novels, #1 New York.

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And if you expect me to step aside and let you make decisions that are ultimately going to harm you, then baby, you definitely have the wrong man because I protect my woman. Not because of his villainy, he was appropriately evil and insane, but because of his seeming omnipotence.

Hidden Currents (Sea Haven / Drake Sisters, book 7) by Christine Feehan

More than old friends…brothers? Stavros frowned and shook his head, glanced at his watch and then over at Elle. I don’t know whether it was written as a sort of analogy; because of what he’d put her through Elle though he was so very powerful, capable of striking from great distance at everything she held dear, and that’s exactly what he was, but I felt his powers were a bit of an overkill, a plot-device to bring it all full-circle, to need the full power of all the Drake sisters and their chosen mates to vanquish.

I I really haven’t read very many of the books in this series, and I knew what other reviewers were saying about it.

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Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. So, my friend said “Read the Drake Sister books, you’ll lo I waited a week to write this review to see if I was still as angry as I was when I finished the book.

What brings the stars down The remainder of the plot line is spent fighting off the villain who wants her back and is searching for and attacking her psychically. She has her main character who was demolished by her torturer have sex three days after she’s If I could give this zero stars I would. Elle and Jackson together make a strong couple who are obviously good for one another. Can’t wait to start on the as I call it, the sister or cousin series.


I returned this one. Elle is supposed to be super sister endowed with all the powers ha! She must trust that Jackson and her sisters will come for her, as she endures sadistic torture from a violent man determined to break her spirit, dominate her life, and control her. I still find chrisstine feeling confused as to my reflections on this book Why would he do that?

In this series View christihe Book 1. For years, he has lived on the outskirts of her life, afraid that Elle will never be able to accept the violence that taints him, terrified of christinr Drake legacy, until the day comes that he must save her life.

That would make sense. Jun 28, Sabrina rated it did not like it Shelves: This book should have at least come with a disclaimer page on the potential disturbing content. She had been investigating him for months and had found nothing to either clear him—or to point toward his guilt. Safe Harbor 6.

Feehan decides that Elle not only won’t get to face her rapist, she’s kept completely in the dark about all the plans to take him out! What was wrong with her? Elle opened her bag only to find it empty. I was not only disturbed by the sexual sadism in the first portion of the book, I was extremely disappointed in the author’s choice to even introduce it as a significant story line in what was leading up to the climatic, final book of the series.

What is once seen read cannot be unseen unread I should have re-read Nobody’s Baby but Mine for the 20th time. I read the books – loved the previous books – because they were entertaining and fun.


He’d feeha he’d taint her spirit by being with her, but he’s beyond caring now that she’s gone. She was in trouble and she knew it. Frankly, I think she was very brave to write this.

Vampires Like It Hot. It made me angry that such a build up had to be an epic fail. It wasn’t easy to read at times, and it wasn’t pretty the depths hixden cruelty that humans are capable of never fails to disturb me. Item s unavailable for purchase.

This makes her recovery, thanks in no small part to Jackson, even more empowering. She could have fought her way out, kicking and screaming and using any makeshift weapon she could get her hands on. There was no way to communicate from that island.

Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. I bought Hidden Currents thinking that Feehan would redeem herself and put some hidsen the passion into Elle she wrote about in her other books. Aug 11, Heather rated it did not like it. Refresh and try again. Already the engines were starting to rumble crrents she could feel the deck vibrating beneath her feet.

We go back to find Jackson really upset and a bit uncontrolled in his anger and devastation at her capture. The ending where here’s a spoiler so if you don’t want to furrents don’t read further six of the sister get married in a rush of a beach wedding seems to be an easy out for concluding.

Stavros was a “sick man.