The horrific murder in of year-old Bobby Franks in Chicago by Nathan Leopold and Richard Loeb inspired this acclaimed roman à clef. Meyer Levin (October 7, – July 9, ) was an American novelist. Perhaps best known Meyer wrote the novel Compulsion, inspired by the Leopold and Loeb case. The novel, for which Levin was given a Special Edgar Award by. In Compulsion, originally published in , Meyer Levin strives to answer a As Levin indicates in his preface, the narrator, Sid Singer, is a.

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The second half, “the crime of the century” got a bit bogged down by the details. Gli psichiatri si chiamano alienistigli omosessuali si chiamano invertiti e a Compuleion vige la pena di morte per i minori come punizione estrema di reato. The author covered the trial as a cub reporter, and presciently recognized both the horror and the oddities of the crime. But the combination of these two boys, who were so advanced for their ages intellectually yet not so much emotionally, was a dangerous one.

The basis of the award-winning film starring Orson Welles, ‘Compulsion’ gives a shocking fictionalized account of the Leopold-Loeb murder case, in which two young graduates of the University of Chicago kidnapped and killed a child for the intellectual challenge.

Directly in front of Judd, Milt Lewis was feverishly putting it all down, the hairs standing disgustingly on his fleshy, bent neck. Artie had loved the idea.


Apr 12, Bonnie Brody rated it it was amazing. This is one of those book which I literally could not put down, which is pretty rare these days. In school, both Judd and Artie studied Nietszche, and I can see where they came to embody his philosophy of the Superman—one who is so knowledgeable concerning life and people that he mfyer above compulsjon laws, because he knows what is best.

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Further, he had a keen understanding of how the proliferation of media and public sentiment could influence justice. After the war, Levin wrote, with the approval of the Frank family, a play based on The Diary of Anne Frankbut his play was not produced.

Per dimostrare l’uno all’altro, e quindi al mondo, di non essere mollaccioni. Now he was com;ulsion depressed. Ma su un aspetto vorrei soffermarmi: Instead a version of the same story dramatized by Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett reached Broadway.

So much so that the boys were forced to hide their relationship in order to comphlsion the censure of their families as well as their friends, and society as a whole. It was an expression Judd hated. Then Artie told him to take Ellis Avenue. Such a horrific story of two young men with fortune and future within their grasp.

He had almost got out of the Law building when he felt the thick paw on his arm.

COMPULSION by Meyer Levin | Kirkus Reviews

Not to free compulsioon, but to fight for their lives. Non amo i libri lunghi, ma stavolta le p Un romanzo che racconta un fatto vero avvenuto a Chicago negli anni ‘ Though this trial took place inthe book raises issues pertaining to society and our justice system—such as popular biases, groupthink, and the inherent, perhaps unfixable, flaws in our legal system—that are as much in evidence today as they were back then.

Compulsion by Meyer Levin. meyyer

Artie e Judd — figli della ricca borghesia ebraica di Chicago degli anni ’20 — uccidono un ragazzino “tanto per”. Too dense to grasp a concept, they all began gabbling: In compuosion, it had perhaps produced a slight quickening, but he was holding it well, Judd was sure. Judd felt spied on.

Might not the incomprehensible barbarity of the war years be read backward, isolated, dissected—as in a laboratory experiment—analyzed, and encapsulated in the criminal actions of these two boys who had everything—wealth, brains, promise—and who nevertheless plotted and executed a gratuitous, random act of extreme violence? It should be widely read and comprehended. At the age of 18 he worked as a reporter for the Chicago Daily News and during the next four years became an increasingly frequent contributor to the national literary magazine, The Menorah Journal.


Judd could not help, now, tickling the outstretched arm. Books by Meyer Levin. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Judd tapped the pocket of his sports jacket. No Reviews are Available.

Per esporlo Levin sceglie un caso efferato: He snatched the envelope from Judd. To take the life of a child with no remorse. Fearing an anti-Semitic backlash and anxious to be viewed first and foremost as Americans, the Jewish compulsio in Chicago demands steadfastly that justice be served. View all 10 comments. Leopold and Loeb deliberately set the ransom low, at ten thousand dollars, because they knew compulssion father would easily be able to pay it.

And just as this car, this shell of metal that contained their deed of yesterday, had been left a totally unaltered entity mdyer the deed, so was the deed meaningless within themselves. Publisher’s Summary The basis of the award-winning film starring Orson Welles, Compulsion gives a shocking fictionalized account of the Leopold-Loeb murder case – in which two young graduates of the University of Chicago kidnapped and killed a child for the intellectual challenge.

In the left-hand pocket was the final letter that would tell him where to drop the ransom.