The most interesting and perhaps most overlooked move that David Gerrold makes in his fractal time travel book The Man Who Folded Himself. This classic work of science fiction is widely considered to be the ultimate time- travel novel. When Daniel Eakins inherits a time machine, he soon realizes that. With an introduction by Robert J. SawyerThe Man Who Folded Himself is a classic science fiction novel by award-winning author David Gerrold. This work was.

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The Man Who Folded Himself – Wikipedia

View all 11 comments. It definitely satiated my hunger for time travel. Daniel also has a stab at a heterosexual relationship with even more mind-blowing consequences. First, however, I have to tell you that I loved the basic idea of this book. The Time-belt’s origins are unknown. Simplistic to say the least, Heinlein drew some looping lines on a board, twisted and tweaked a little here, waved a hand there, and converted the result into stories.

The book starts in with Daniel Eakins, a college student whose grrold passes away and leaves him with a Timebelt, a belt that allows its wearer to travel through time — backwards, forwards, stopping moments and speeding up action.

The Man Who Folded Himself – David Gerrold – Google Books

Upon finally noticing how much damage he is causing, he thrusts himself to isolation, and as though versions of himself to understand and meet were only made available to him through his actionshe is left alone.

I didn’t quite relish the writing style; at least it read quick and smooth, that’s something I suppose. How does a time traveller live?


I’ve always praised foolded book as a well-written, risk-taking, genre-expanding chef d’oeuvre by a writer whose fame came early.

I thought it was brilliant. This work was nominated for both Hugo and Nebula awards and is considered by some critics to be the finest time travel novel ever written.

The Man Who Folded Himself

Jim opens it and inside is a belt Basically when the time traveler changes some key event in the past he does not change the future as such, instead, he creates a sort of bifurcation of reality, an alternate timeline where the future is different. It was so great, I think I have to read it again because the ending has a bit of a twist, that I’m sure I’ll gain a new perspective reading with the knowledge I now have.

Then the the book took a turn that was odd for me, when he has sex with himself. Even the cover art rings a bell: It was lovely to see, and BenBella deserves our thanks for making room in this timeline for it to happen.

Probably the best time travel book I’ve ever read. I won’t spoil the extent of their divergence but the mind boggles. To view it, click here. Published July 1st by BenBella Books first published If you suspect some youth of your acquaintance might be struggling to think positively of himself because he’s probably gay, think about giving him this book. Deft and timely even now, Gerrold’s unapologetically gay Danny is mildly surprising even in the modern SFnal world.

But I get it: Yes, he has sex with himself, orgies with himself even… male versions grrold himself. Shortly after, Uncle Jim dies, and Daniel inherits a “Timebelt” from him that allows the wearer to travel through time.


But Dan soon finds that there are limits to his powers and forces beyond his control. Recommended to Amber by: I would wonder if I would do the same things as the protagonist. Gerrold does a brilliant job of showing this event from the viewpoint of Dan as he travels forward for the first time and then, 24 hours later when Dan naturally ages into tomorrow and becomes “Don”, from the point of view of “Don.

But when Daniel becomes Don, and other Dans start merging into the picture, bigger questions emerge. He plays to such an extent that he even forgets his age. Shortly after the birth of their child, Daniel and Diane separate. And if he doesn’t like the results of the change, he can simply go back in time and talk himself out of making it!

Daniel and Diane secretly desire a son and a daughter, cavid, and unbeknownst to each other jump and use future technology to make their own changes to ensure that Diane gives birth to the desired child. Three outstanding pieces of short fiction from award-winning science fiction and fantasy author Mark Shainblum, collected for the first time!

My body has not experienced its years in sequence.

But Daniel is not very likeable.