Final Fantasy XIII-2 Review PS3 · Final Fantasy XIII-2 Review Xbox Final Fantasy XIII-2 starts in New Bodhum in the year AF, which is. Page 4 of the full game walkthrough for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. This guide will show you how to earn all of the achievements.

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The other option is to simply let the Day end, and then reach the Ruffians’ den the next Day directly from The Ark. After some scenes, a new character will temporarily join you for the duration of the Main Quest 4-X of The Dead Dunes.

In order to properly start the quest we need to speak with Gregory we’ll do so soon. Then talk to detonao a third time and a two-options menu will prompt.

You can do this as many dettonado as you want. At this point it should be afternoon, approximately The wall will then be removed, and you can proceed to xioi next room. It should be well before Give it to her to complete this main quest and receive when you close the Canvas of Prayers menu the Fragment of Smiles Rewards: This will open the door leading West.

Speak with him once and he will tell you to come back to him when you’ve completed the quests “Born from Chaos” and “Fuzzy Search”. Sometimes these skeletons will just shatter and leave a sparkling item on the ground Yellowed Skull or Unappraised Item.

Research Camp and Eremite Plains. The Savior’s Descent 15 15 Proof of one who has mastered the basics of this xgox and begun a great journey. Dragon’s Blood with Liberator weapon ad Wolf’s Emblem accessory. On the sand under the bones there’s a sparkling item — pick it up green 1 for Bhakti’s Oil.

Keep going until you return to the part where the first xbo of the game ended, which is shortly after the first closed gate that you’ll come across to open it, press the switch on its right. In this area you will often encounter the Ectopudding enemies. These areas fanatsy look familiar, since you’re basically doing the same exact route you did the first time you were here, in the beginning of the game.


If you can, roam around in this area to find a Reaver to regenerate your EPs. Speak with him and purchase a Seedhunter Membership Card for 2, Gil. If it’s open, go inside to find a Pilgrim’s Crux 5 and a treasure sphere H fajtasy a Study of the Savage – Then or before that, if the door was closed proceed further West from the Southern corridor, and when you can’t proceed anymore turn North finall As you go North you will find another red altar to activate; this one opens the door leading further West from detoado previous corridor – Keep going North past the red altar to reach the first “gallery”.

Thanks to them you should have no problems keeping Chronostasis finql all the time until you’re done with this exploration, thus managing to keep the time of the day before Mystery Egg3, Gil, Cool Glasses x 1.

From now on you will come across “a certain NPC” that will spawn platforms to allow you to proceed. From there, go Northeast to reach the objective marker, which is where the biggest “ruins” of The Dead Dunes are.

Reach the South station square before As anticipated earlier, it’s advisable to fight a couple of more Aster Protoflorian to refill your EPs while you’re here. Reach the closest Red Cactus statue already activated and use it to warp to the Ruins North Gate cactus statue.

Table of Contents

These enemies change their element affinities periodically, and you need to Deyonado them by attacking them with the element they’re currently weak against in order to deal massive damage. You need to find three “ghosts” in town now they appear after midnight, but only if you spoke with the four characters for the corresponding quest, which is “Voices from the Grave”.

Note xboxx from now on the game will ask you where you want to teleport to, when you start a new Day. Feel free to Overclock for extra damage.


We’ll need a total of at least 12x Chocoborel for the next quests! I won’t be listing which quests exactly you should do, simply because it’s not necessary.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Walkthrough

Go East, then South, and follow the only possible way to reach the inside of the palace. Otherwise speed things up by going to any Inn to rest until You still need to report back to the quest-giver to complete this quest, but we’ll do it later.

Map of the Temple Ruins lower zoom here.

In this small area there is a cat that seems to be part of a quest, but right now he won’t give you any quest we’ll have to return here later. From here you can fight boss battles again. Before we do these quests I will always give you a “time indication” such as “Time: Make sure to buy the L’ange Noir Garb, since we’ll need it against the next boss of the game. You may notice a main-story marker somewhere Southeast of the Clock Tower, on the path to the cathedral; ignore it for now.

Talk to Hope a couple of times for some scenes. Therefore you can simply warp from station to station and complete the quests for which you already have the required items. Lastly, report to Gregory a man with a hat, standing somewhere in Central Ave. When you’re ready, go towards the Northwest side of Poltae to find a slope, and follow it Southwest to the objective marker to start a story-related subquest.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it one more time: Simply Stagger them with non-Thunder spells, then kill them with Heavy Slash. Then, if you haven’t already done so earlier, reach The Slaughterhouse and fight battles until you unlock the achievement for winning 10 battles:.