ToImage(sChartImg, ); but when I go to compile the program I get errors stating ” Exporting the WebChartControl on server side. ,; Web i want o export the web chart to image on server side using the button control. Show all Alex (DevExpress Support) 5 years ago. Hi Imran. I am using both ChartContorl and WebChartControl, in the ChartContorl there is the ability to export the chart into pdf format or html format and.

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It is still printing the old chart. Documentation – Provide informative help topics on how to customize Report Wizard introduced in v Claim or contact us about this channel. It seems, that the generation of vevexpress lookup-lists millions during filter-creation takes a lot of time.

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. This example demonstrates how to create a custom service a ServiceBase descendant.

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How to show filter dialog before showing ListView. Handle their client-side Click event as “chart1. This ticket is currently in our processing queue.

  ASTM D2303 PDF

If you need to hide these buttons in your NavBar control, there is no need wxport create a custom view. Is there any further documentation on how to customize the new report wizard. Store Model Differences in Database. DataBind ; Added By: John DevExpress Support at: Then show the filtered ListView via the XafApplication. Please try to download the example once again. Browsing All Articles Articles.

This filter dialog should remember the user’s choice and provide the capability to select one of the stored filters. Please post link to new updated code if there is any. Note that this file will be installed regardless your subscription type.

DevExpress Support Center (Examples)

To access this service, use the following credentials: The main idea is to override the DataService. Leandro Meneses 1 at: LayoutUpgrade event to upgrade a layout from one version to another.

Do you want to recover Thanks, Daniel Added Devexpresa Jay Patel 15 at: You can find this class in the C: How to obtain a dashboard item’s underlying data in the Web Viewer. If I change the series dynamically during the run time, it is not printing the updated chart. ClientInstanceName property to some value e. DevExpress Support Center Examples http: ItemClick event is handled to obtain underlying data and invoke the dxPopup widget with the child dxDataGrid. It demonstrates how to implement a custom NavBar view whose groups are always expanded and cannot be collapsed.


To provide this capability in this sample, we create a UserControl with TextEdit and a button.

However, it always popup the login window for entering the username and password. Mandeep Singh 10 at: So, please provide a sample project reproducing the issue. When the chart was generated, an image is being produced and it was shown on the ex;ort. You can still use the FileUpload by instructing the UpdatePanel to do a postback for this control.