Die Weiße Rose by Inge Scholl, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Die Weisse Rose by Inge Scholl, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. A detailed biography of Inge Scholl that includes includes images, quotations and the main facts In June the White Rose group began producing leaflets.

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This book, compiled and edited by their sister Inge who added a page introduction is especially good because it has all the sholl of the White Rose and the two later ones “of the Resistance” translated into English. This book was written by Inge Scholl, the sibling’s older sister.

They don’t know hate and prejudice and racism until it is taught. But she’s also translating two students into a particular Christian context, they emerge as martyrs, calm in the face of death, hauled before the unjust court of a persecuting authority, even their cruel prison warders and the stool pigeons are overwhelmed by the experience of being in their presence and themselves desire to do good to such radiant young people by allowing the three due to be killed to smoke a final cigarette together.

Wesse sono spunti di religione, etica e filosofia. With everything the White Rose had up against them, they still resisted though they already lived in a closed down, totalitarian society. Citano Schiller, Goethe, ma anche Lao-Tse. The tone is gentle, and oddly even a little dream like Well this was ibge, I think Sophie Scholl and the White Rose draws quite strongly on this, however I think this book by Inge Aicher-Scholl is more successful as a literary product, she was the sister who survived the Nazi regime, although she mentions in passing being in prison she does not spell out her non-involvement in her sibling’s and their circle’s resistance activism.

Feb 10, Anthony Bracciante rated it liked it. Her book did shed some light on their family’s background prior to their activities in Munich, but overall not a whole lot of new information was brought to light. The book itself is quite short, but gripping.

Feb 14, Stuart rated it really liked it Shelves: However, according to the Center for White Rose Studiesshe did not even “so much as listen to her siblings’ talk”, when they tried to convince her to take part in As the two grew older, they became more and more disenchanted with the government, more ijge of the narrative they were being sold. These were interesting to read since I had never actually read them in their entirety. Whether you know about the war, Germany, or The White Rose is irrelevant.


They were brave and their courageous in the face of what they knew could be their death, and they felt the need spread what they knew about the horrors that the Nazis were committing was more important than their own safety. It seems quite clear that everyone knew what National Socialism really meant, some weksse it to get power, many must have supported it, but many more must have feared and loathed it. xie

Die Weiße Rose : Deutsche Lektüre für das 3. und 4. Lernjahr. Gekürzt, mit Annotationen

I believe our country is experiencing a government undergoing a shift towards fascism, with unprecedented power being con The tender, chilling, beautiful and horrible life, trial and death of a group of mostly young, German dissidents against the Nazi regime.

Then it went on to the court documents and a really interesting letter written by the woman who shared a cell with Sophie during her final days. The significance of the White Rose was, I think, to demonstrate decency, the fact that there are always some people who are prepared to stand against such regimes and though they do not have an immediate effect — there were no major rebellions or uprisings at the time of their deaths — perhaps they do make a difference.

I believe our country is experiencing a government undergoing a shift towards fascism, with unprecedented power being concentrated in the executive branch.

Die Weiße Rose : Inge Scholl :

It consigns all Germans to the role of active supporter or coward. Definitely an interesting read for anyone who is curious about resistance in Germany during the Nazi era. Retrieved from ” https: In fact, Inge Scholl had no involvement whatsoever about her sibling’s activities in Munich until after they were executed, though you wouldn’t tell that by reading this book.

The Nazis were bewildered and enraged by the series of subversive leaflets that began to crop up in every major city in Germany. The purpose of the White Rose was said to be increasing public consciousness of the real nature of National Socialism and the encouragement of passive resistance.

Apr 02, Jabari rated it really liked it Recommends it for: They believed that their strong Faith in God could not allow them to remain silent and showed great courage in staying true to their beliefs.

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Die Weisse Rose

This book doesn’t really try to answer why, and to understand one has to look more closely at the sscholl of the regime’s propaganda and police apparatus, as well as the lack of external support for a resistance movement, dke was so weisee in France and Italy. Open Preview See a Problem? What would you have done? Apr 11, Valerie added it. This was kind of a weird book to read. What does make this book more successful is that instead of relying on the recreated narrative they also chose to include a wealth of primary source documents in the second half of the book.

Some say this reflects in the literature we consume and, indeed sales for dystopian tales like and The Handmaiden’s Tale have risen.

And yet… I think the significance of what they did was not trivial. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

People li After I learned the name of Sophie Scholl through an online article I ineg to learn more about this courageous girl and her brother and their friends, ddie were executed by the Nazis in for distributing anti-Nazi leaflets innge their college.

The story of the White Rose Movement has been made into film three times. Sophie, Hans, and a third student were caught and executed. The pictures of Sophie Scholl are particularly moving because she still looks like a child.

The real historical question they raise is, of course, why weren’t there more acts of resistance from conscience in the history of the Third Reich? The educators hoped that the bravery displayed in it, the choice to put others’ lives over country, even when that meant possibly losing your own, might help students do the same. I will now forever remember your name, Sophie.

They had the incredible self-sacrificing courage to oppose Hitler and his Nazi machine. Trivia About The White Rose. Ultimately, they paid for their resistance with their lives and the lives of 3 other young weisze and one of their professors. One specifically outlined how to resist passively, instructing readers “to concentrate upon what was attainable