The Department of Defense Architecture Framework (DoDAF) is an architecture framework for .. DoDAF versions thru used the CADM meta-model, which was defined in IDEF1X (then later in UML) with an XML Schema derived from the. Core architecture data model (CADM) in enterprise architecture is a logical data model of Core architecture data model (CADM) is designed to capture DoDAF architecture information in . DoD Architecture Framework Version Volume 1. The purpose of the DoDAF Decision-Support Overlay is to accomplish that by pragmatically aligning architecture data with the data requirements of the.

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The major elements of a core architecture data model are described as follows: The actual sequence of view generation and their potential customization is a function ddaf the application domain and the specific needs of the effort. Operational View OV products provide descriptions of the tasks and activities, operational elements, dodxf information exchanges required to accomplish DoD missions.

Enterprise architecture Systems engineering Military acquisition Modeling and simulation. For the purposes of architecture development, the term integrated means that data required in more than one of the architectural models is commonly defined and understood across those models. These architecture descriptions may include families of systems FoSsystems of systems SoSand net-centric capabilities for interoperating and interacting in the non-combat environment.

A state specifies the response of a process to events. This Architecture Framework is especially suited sodaf large systems with complex integration and interoperability challenges, and it is apparently unique in its employment of “operational views”.

Each view depicts certain perspectives of an architecture as described below. Conformance with the CADM ensures the use of common architecture data elements or types. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. State transitions in executable operational architectural models provide for descriptions of conditions that control the behavior of process events in responding to inputs and in producing outputs.

In such cases, an Operational View may have material constraints and requirements that must be addressed.


DoDAF Forum: DoDAF Overview – What You Need to Know

The CADM was initially published in as a logical data model for architecture data. DM2 is codaf data construct that facilitates reader understanding of the use of data within an architecture document.

The DoDAF provides products as a way of representing the underlying data in a user-friendly manner. Dpdaf this manner, the CADM supports the exchange of architecture information among mission areas, components, and federal and coalition partners, thus facilitating the data interoperability of architectures.

Operational View

JeTSI can help your project too. These histograms are used to perform dynamic impact analysis of the behavior of the executable architecture. Relationships are represented by dotted non-identifying and solid identifying relationships in which the child entity the one nearest the solid dot has zero, one, or many instances associated to each instance of the parent entity the other entity connected by 15 relationship line.

Product Descriptions” and a “Deskbook”. Integrated architectures are a property or design principle for architectures at all levels: The Capability Models describe capability taxonomy and capability evolution.

Otherwise there is the risk of producing products with no customers. Each view depicts certain perspectives of an architecture as described below. Because the CADM is also a physical data modelit constitutes a database design and can be used to automatically generate databases. The DM2 defines architectural data elements and enables the integration and federation of Architectural Descriptions. Under Dosaf 2, which became operational inthe collections of views are now termed ‘viewpoints’ and no longer views.

The Department of Defense Architecture Framework DoDAF is an architecture framework for the United States Department of Defense DoD that provides visualization infrastructure for specific stakeholders concerns through viewpoints organized by various views.

The use of the underlying CADM faithfully relates common objects across multiple views. As one example, the DoDAF v1. This includes the use codaf common data element definitions, semantics, and data structure for all architecture description entities or objects. It is especially suited to large systems with complex integration and interoperability challenges, and is apparently unique in its use of “operational views” detailing the external customer’s operating domain in which the developing system will operate.



The entity name is outside and on top of the open box. Higher priority inputs are usually processed before lower priority inputs. Analysis of dollar costs in executable architectures is a first step in an architecture based investment strategy, where we eventually need to align architectures to funding decisions to ensure that investment decisions are directly linked to mission objectives and their outcomes.

DoDAF Overview – What You Need to Know

Retrieved from ” https: This page was last edited on 2 Septemberrodaf For this reason, it may be necessary to include some high-level Systems View SV architecture data as overlays or augmenting information onto the Operational View products.

In simpler terms, integration is seen in the connection from items common among architecture products, where items shown in one architecture product such as sites used or systems interfaced or services provided should have the identical number, name, and meaning appear in related architecture codaf views. A capability thread would equate to the specific activities, rules, and systems that are linked to that particular capability.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

Node is a complex, logical concept that is represented with more concrete concepts. DoDAF generically describes in the representation of the artifacts to be generated, but allows considerable flexibility regarding the specific formats and modeling techniques.

Each of these three levels of the DM2 is important to a particular viewer of Departmental processes:. It identified and defined entities, attributes, and relations. Contact us today to discuss your project needs. Other enterprise architecture frameworks may or do have operational views. The operational viewpoint provides dovaf means to describe what is needed in a solution-free or implementation-free way.