In this post, I’ll show how to implement it to export grid data in CSV format. Dojo Data Grid Series Part 1: Concepts and Default Features Part 2. I am able to accomplish this using Generic Handler (I got this code from a client project that ESRI consulting abandoned, so this must be. Anyone use edGrid to export the data. Hi Everyone, Thank you for your time in advance. I am a ESRI user and am developing.

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Returns the exported string. The Very Good Years”, “Name”: See how to do that here They can all call the same button to read the data and trigger the download.

The purpose is for users to use select box and download the data in the datagrid. I saw the Gridx demo related to export http: We are going to start moving through the grid. The index of the current cell in the current subrow. As the name indicates, it gives you the ability to export grid data.

May 8, at 6: With client-side code, the button calls an export method in the output script block to retrieve the data and put it in a hidden input field. Exporter is a plugin for dojox. My export code as of now is: I am able to accomplish this using a. Grid Column Features Part 6: Very interesting — Exoprt tend to develop and test initially with Firefox. You are commenting using your Facebook account.


Anyone use dojox.grid.EnhancedGrid to export the data

When the user clicks a button to create the CSV, call a function like this: You can’t, for security reasons browsers don’t allow file system access.

The timing issue was still apparent. I was able to get it to work by splitting the douo up into 2 separate buttons and adding a 1-second delay. July 25, at 1: Reference to the current subrow. Could you post an example of a python or php script that would accomplish this?

Dojo Toolkit – Anyone use edGrid to export the data

The logic is virtually the same, just split dataagrid separate buttons. Handle a header cell or data cell. I tried to use code like this to add a link to the page with the required properties and force the click of the link but a the link. The first button runs the client-side function to retrieve the data to export. February 18, at 6: In line 9, it reads the data from the scope datagrix line 9 and writes it out in a way that the browser will download it as a CSV file.


But I want to make this data to be downloadable in excel format. Export only the selected rows of a explrt to the specified format.

Dojo Data Grid – Part Exporting Grid Data | Xcellerant

The end result is that when the user clicks the export button, a csv file gets offered up for download. This dtaagrid was updated on. One solution is that I can send an ajax request to server and send back the excel. From that point, there are two more steps to use the Exporter plugin.

It will wait one second and then automatically trigger a click on the second button, which is hidden. If your grid is created declaratively: February 14, at 9: See Exporting a dojo datagrid to a csv file You cannot open excel via javascript so it needs to be a GET download request.