D&D. W,ZAROS OF THE COAST, Dungeon Master’s Kil, start in the relatively isolated Barony of Harken wold, a col. Monster Vault, Reavers ofHarkenwold. Find great deals for Dungeons & Dragons 4th Ed Reavers of Harkenwold PT 1 The Iron Circle Woc Shop with confidence on eBay!. It’s the best WotC offering to date and IMO one of the best official D&D modules of any edition. However, that’s not a very high bar for the most.

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If run as a linear series of combat encounters with little or nothing in between, the quality goes way down, but would in most cases still somehow work. Great guy, great store! The order that they ran into the encounters was: The biggest flaw of the Reavers of Harkenwold adventure on the map side is that there are no maps at all for the last 4 battles, the grand finale, which plays in the right half of a keep. The order that they ran into the encounters was:.

Dungeons & Dragons 4th Ed Reavers of Harkenwold PT 1 The Iron Circle Woc24464

My PCs prefer to get into fights and kill bad guys, and this adventure worked just fine for them, too. What did you use to bring the characters from the 1st to 2nd level? In any case you’ll end up with a style break when moving from one half of the castle to the other. dunheons

But it does require some preparation, an added dose of roleplaying, and creating of the missing maps. The Duchy of Harkenwold is a rich setting upon which the foundations of a campaign are easily laid. As I said before, with some good DMing, Reavers of Harkenwold could be one of the best adventures for 4th edition.

I removed the traps and one of the monsters from that battle and it was STILL too hard the players retreated and came back the next day with an elf ally. The PCs decided to pretend that one of the PCs was the sister of a Harkenwolder who had joined the Iron Circle and died in the Battle of Albridge, and she had been sent to collect his personal effects from his barracks.


Would it be possible for you to like, release the MapTool maps for download, or at least email them to me? There is some flexibility: Modify it, though, and it can be okay.

The battle for Albridge can become an epic tactical combat!

It is presented in two separate magazine-type books. I ran the game using MapTool online for a party of three PCs. That isn’t a bad thing if played right, as it teaches the players that their actions have consequences and they can’t just rush through and be confident to still be rewarded. Email Facebook Twitter Google. How long that will take will depend on how much roleplaying the DM and the players like, but if you count about 2 combats eungeons session you’d end up with about 10 sessions, which is a lot of adventure.

Or just the most recent victors in an ongoing political struggle between kingdoms? The catch is that it isn’t quite that easy to do that.

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. It was refreshing to me that the adventure had more encounters than were required — it made me feel okay about not using all of them. You’d still need to add your own ingredients waterand have some knowledge and skill in mixing the water with the mortar, bricklaying, and the proper proportion of dragonss to bricks.

Book 2 starts with the plot overview for that book, and then the encounters.

Review: Reavers of Harkenwold

The combat encounters are mostly quite well done. I haarkenwold it some months ago but just flipped through it. This choice suddenly drew attention to two facts.

If you have other maps available, you can probably switch that one out in a battle or two. Perhaps your PCs discover that the iron circle land was controlled by an evil god who has similar reafers on lots of planes, and the party has to plane-hop to find more clues, save more lands, and eventually take on the evil god itself.


Thanks a bunch if you help, man! Unless of course you have far too much time on your hand and decide to build the whole castle in 3D.

The party was escorted to the barracks in room 6, where they killed their escorts, went into the empty banquet hall room 5 and then into the kitchen room 15 where the servants tried to help. Just be aware that with lower number of players or ddungeons players rushing directly to the end there is a good chance to wipe the party.

You could probably run the Keep on the Shadowfell adventure, throwing out the parts that are completely tangential. There was so much space to work in, that I just kept adding elements until I had a complete low level campaign built up out of what originally was a fairly short adventure. Think of the Roman Legionnaires.

Dungeons & Dragons 4th Ed Reavers of Harkenwold PT 1 The Iron Circle Woc | eBay

The adventure is really a series of non-linear small encounters — contact the rebellion, upset the supply lines, recruit more rebels, negotiate with the Elves, fight off goblins… etc.

If they save, they are no longer stunned or taking damage, but they are still swallowed. Reavers of Harkenwold was written by well-known designer Rich Baker with additional design contributions from Chris Perkins. It continues with some possible adventure hooks, detailed descriptions of the locations the PCs might visit in the adventure complete with names of shops in towns and so onand then descriptions of the non-player characters that the party might meet including their motivations and role-playing tips for the most important NPCs.

Session Dfagons Online Dungeon Master.