anna university EC Digital Electronics Lecture notes EC Digital Electronics Lecture notes ANNA UNIVERSITY COMMON. 3 Question Bank EC Digital Electronics Question Bank with answers – SCT Edition Syllabus Regulation: Attachment Type: PDF. EC UNIT IDIGITAL ELECTRONICS MINIMIZATION TECHNIQUES AND LOGIC GATES 9 AP M. Morris Mano, Digital Design, 3 Edition, Prentice Hall of India Pvt. Ltd., / Pearson Education . ECE II TO VIII syllabus. Uploaded.

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What is the significance of state assignment? Explain the operation of 4 to 10 line decoder with necessary logic diagram.

Describe how to detect and eliminate hazards from an asynchronous network? State and prove Consensus theorem. NAND gates the output function does not change.

Write a short note on counter applications. What are the steps for the analysis of asynchronous sequential circuit? What is a static electrobics hazard? Find the decimal equivalent of 7.


Write a short notes on memory decoding. Write down the truth table of a full sub tractor.

EC MJ Digital Electronics 3rd Semester Question Paper – Reg | Knowledge Adda

Draw 4 bit binary parallel adder. Newer Post Older Post Home. Distinguish between synchronous and asynchronous sequential logic circuits. Construct the state diagram and primitive flow table for an asynchronous network that has. Design the combinational circuit with 3 inputs and 1 output. What are the various types of triggering of flip-flops? Electroics synchronous counters differ from asynchronous counters?

How to find the location digita, parity bits in the Hamming code? Write down the truth table of a full adder. Define Master slave flip flop.

What is the minimum number of hexadecimal digits that the counter must have? What are the advantages of shift registers?

Show that the Excess — 3 code is self —complementing. It produces an output whenever two.

EC2203 Digital Electronics Important Questions | Syllabus | 2 Marks with answers

Give the HDL dataflow description for T flip – flop. Implement the switching functions: Give hazard — free. Draw the sylalbus table for the machine. Compare Moore and Mealy models. The output ec22003 0 otherwise. What is the minimum number of flip flops needed to build a counter of modulus z 8? Using a single IC ; draw the logic diagram of a 4 bit comparator. What is dynamic hazard? Raja November 19, at 5: List the basic types of shift registers in terms of data movement.


Find the decimal equivalent of 9. Find the octal equivalent of the decimal number List the types of hazards?