El Enigma Cuantico by Bruce Rosenblum, , available at Book Bruce Rosenblum, By (author) Lecturer Department of Physics Fred Kuttner. Bruce Rosenblum and Fred Kuttner’s, book, Quantum Enigma, is an interesting read, but if . Buen punto de introducción a la mecánica cuántica para neófitos. Authors Bruce Rosenblum and Fred Kuttner explain all this in nontechnical terms, El enigma cuántico: La física, al encuentro de la conciencia (Metatemas).

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Aug 03, Ed Dodge rated it really liked it.

The analogy of using paired boxes while the quantum event is spread out in both and thus only existing in one after you looked into one of them, is an excellent way of saying that you do indeed create your own reality. I was taught by these two authors of this book at UCSC and got to have several conversations with them regarding how Quantum Mechanics effects our current theories of Parapsychology. Authors Bruce Rosenblum and Fred Kuttner explain all of this in non-technical terms with help from some fanciful stories and bits about the theory’s developers.

Helpful towards understanding physics “skeleton in the closet. QM isn’t just for the microscopic world, but all of physics rests upon it. Lists with This Book. El Nacimiento del Tiempo Ilya Prigogine. Trivia About Quantum Enigma: This book can be read by anyone, as it does not require specialized knowledge.

A problem that the authors note is that we do not know how consciousness is derived, and that presents a self-referential challenge in understanding the quantum scale as well.

I ordered this book after finishing the previous one I posted From Science to God because I wanted a more thorough explanation of the Quantum “Mystery.

I don’t have the math or physics background that many scientists insist is necessary to understand QM but have …more Unfortunately it kuttjer very easy. I’ve read a lot of physics books, always trying to get a better handle on these bizarre concepts.


Rigid but recommended The book spends more time setting up what’s confusing about quantum theory than exploring what is implied by consciousness interaction with the theory. Perhaps its most significant contribution is how well it illustrates that place where Consciousness and Quantum Physics meet.

As a consequence any quantum states that have ever interacted are no longer separable and the universe is highly linked with many other parts of the universe.

Barrett Dylan Brown, Phd rated it it was ok Shelves: There are no discussion topics on this book yet. How can things exist in different — and even opposing — states depending on how they are observed?

El Enigma Cuantico : Bruce Rosenblum :

I’m sure knowing something would make it easier, but it is a great introductory book. To that end, if you already have a grasp on what the theory entails – skip this one. So you don’t need much if any math to understand this book. It’s become almost de rigueur among New Age spiritualists to pilfer bits of quantum theory for use in fortressing and promoting their ideas and books and DVDs and seminars ad nauseum.

They should know that. However, this well-written book did explai Since I have a bachelor’s degree in physics, I’m reasonably familiar with quantum theory and the mystery it presents with regard to the influence of an observer. I doubt it was the latter.

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Quantum Enigma: Physics Encounters Consciousness by Bruce Rosenblum

Quotes from Quantum Enigma. I had no prior knowledge of the subject and I was able to understand all of it. Authors Bruce Rosenblum and Fred Kuttner explain all this in nontechnical terms, with help from some fanciful stories and anecdotes about the theory’s developers.

Thanks to reading this book I understand more thoroughly that physicists fear to tread outside their domain of the material world and to touch on anything that borders on parapsychology because it can result in professional suicide. Open Preview See a Problem?


Quantum Enigma: Physics Encounters Consciousness

Anyone curious enough to wonder who we are and how we came to be must read this book. However, this well-written book did explain numerous other things that helped my understanding of the various interpretations and the differences between them.

El Azul del Cielo Georges Bataille.

Hoy, Jupiter Luis Landero. Quantum Enigma’ was written as a college course text for first-year, non-physics majors. In fact, consciousness might actually create a particular reality by collapsing the wave function of potential outcomes into one physical reality El Negrero Lino Novas Calvo. The system wasn’t in that state until it was observed to be there. The book is entertaining and written so that it can be understood by the non-physicist.

Obviously you can’t use QM to develop scientific theories or produce technology without a complete understanding of the math but some of us just want to know what it is that’s holding up our seemingly solid world at the subatomic level.

In the end, everyone has to come to appreciate the profound ignorance we have at this point in history. According to the best scientists working in that field, though, there’s really no way for our primate brains to accept some of the genuinely strange ideas. Based upon their course at Santa Cruz for liberal arts students, they manage to convey the implications of Quantum Mechanics with nary an equation.

Bruce Rosenblum y Fred Kuttner, El enigma cuántico

Does that seem odd? This book does an excellent job of explaining the different interpretations, e. I would go so far as to label it a ‘primer’ on the subject.