I need to run several netlists in ELDO since the first netlist has Typical corner .inc netlist_tt) i need to change it for the second run for .inc. The spice simulator we will use to simulate Design Architect (DA) designs is called ELDO. ELDO is invoked by typing eldo, where filename is the file. pole approximation (DPA) to enhance simulation speed. An alternative built-in SPICE solver. Device model libraries fully compatible with Eldo and HSPICE.

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It’s curious that they are being loaded at all, since you do not need those models in your circuit These two acceleration factors naturally combine to offer a very significant speed-up over Eldo Classic. Pavel, For the most part, they should work as is.

In instruction twenty-three 23the Accusim viewpoint needs to be changed. Sign me up for the newsletter.

Analog/Mixed-Signal Verification

Electronic System level Design. But it was not sufficient. Spice Eldo Aternating netlist and include files. Reply 9 – May 9 th, 4: I’ve just founded it fldo Design Kit.


Eldo Premier

Hello, How can I use Eldo models in Spectre simulator? Error found by spectre during circuit read-in.

Results – parser passes without errors – nmos isn’t present in netlist – in Spectre log window I see following information: The acceleration of multi-threaded simulations is a consequence of the natively spiice code of the new Eldo Premier simulation kernel and its dedicated data structures.

Reply 3 – May 7 th, 8: Please follow the Forum guidelines. Advertise on this site.

The Designer’s Guide Community Forum – using Eldo models in Spectre?

ModelSim – How to force a struct type written in SystemVerilog? Spectre has probably a totally different way to define a probability distribution for a simulation parameter, which in this case is not elro model parameter, but simply a subcircuit parameter local to the subcircuit This command does NOT seem to be supported with Eldo version 5. Previous error is corrected. Pavel wrote on May 9 th, 4: I’d skip this and just get the normal simulation to run, and study later how the ELDO way differs from the Spectre way.

AF modulator in Transmitter what is the A? But in this case another problem rises – trunc function. Apart from this I’ve found in Design Kit file with extension. At the begining of Eldo model there is following piece of code Code: If at first you do succeed, STOP, raise your standards, and stop wasting your time. Reply 12 – Elco 14 th, 5: If I properly undestand you, the contents of this file is compiled models. Notice from spectre during topology check. The TT specifies the typical case parameters for the library file.


Eldo Premier offers an average speed-up of 2. Dec 242: Input port and input output port declaration in top module 2. AvendesoraInform and QuantiPhy. Hierarchical block is unconnected 3.

The value that Eldo finds for the bus compared to the expected value is shown in the. What does “intermediate step” mean? Reply 11 – May 14 th, 3: Spice Eldo Aternating netlist and include files First, Thank you Mourad for your replay, here is what i have now inc.