Francis Ponge has been called “the poet of things” because simple objects like a plant, a shell, a cigarette, a pebble, or a piece of soap are the subjects of his. The Nature of Things has ratings and 22 reviews. The Voice of Things contains a number of texts by Francis Ponge, including the complete text of Taking. A poet long unread, Ponge has come into his own since the s with admirers from Sartre to Sollers. Sartre considered him the poet of existentialism.

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There is I think one “traditional” poem in the book and it is about a prairie – it’s pretty good 3. Frandis About The Nature of Things. Mar 07, Michael rated it really liked it Shelves: Ponge’s poetry though he would object to be calling a poet: Furthermore, it arrives too late and can only acknowledge the flowers’ blooming.

Its leaf of gold stands impassive in the hollow of a little alabaster column on a very black pedicel. Published September 1st by Red Dust first published June 15th Francis Ponge spent his early years in Avignon. Ponge’s work here is rather refreshing and invites a new perspective on the ordinary objects around us. While a long procession of Sunday strollers, without Soiling their white shoes, moves ahead Following the little stream, swollen by drowning or perdition, Why then, from the start, does it prohibit us?

First published in and considered the keystone of Francis Ponge’s work, Le parti pris de choses appears here in its entirety. Sounds banal, but every single poem in here will surprise you with unforeseen connections.

The voice of things – Francis Ponge, Beth Archer Brombert – Google Books

I would sooner he had put that multitude to work on something no larger, or not much larger, than his own body or– which would have been even more commendable– that he ponte shown himself superior to other men through the quality of his own work. Until finally, everything sinks into my body and flies out through my head, as though through a chimney open to the sky.


Thigns then, seen from here, this limited fragment of space, Stretched between four rocks or four hawthorn hedges, Barely larger than a handkerchief, Moraine of the forests, downpour of adverse signs, This prairie, gentle surface, halo of springs and of the original storm sweet sequel In unanimous anonymous call or reply to the rain, Why does it suddenly seem more precious to us Than the finest of Persian rugs? Here we are, in any case, at the heart of pleonasms And at the only logical levelthat befits us.

The pleasure of grabbing the midriff of one of these tall obstacles to a room by its porcelain node; that short clinch during which movement stops, the eye widens, and the whole body adjusts to franciss new surrounding. He has a very warm, inviting, conversational style and I found fancis essays to be quite humble – but he is clearly a very intelligent man.

The Last Book I Loved: Francis Ponge’s The Voice Of Things – The

Why, as soon as we emerge over the page, In this single paragraph, so many scruples? Refresh and try again. Kate Greene rated it it was amazing Feb 22, It reveals his preoccupation with nature and its metaphoric transformation through the creative ambiguity of language. Ponge schrijft en beschrijft alledaagse voorwerpen, maar op een bijna metafysisch niveau. Apr 08, Michael A. This is a wonderful book—full of wonders and evocative of wonder in this reader.

The Nature of Things

Alex rated it liked it Jun 21, The horizon, overscored with misty accent marks, seems to be printed in small letters, of darker or lighter ink depending on the light. The smallest statuette by Giacometti is formal proof of this: Because each caterpillar had it’s head blinded and tthings, and it’s torso shrunk by the veritable explosion from which its symmetrical wings flamed – From then on the erratic butterfly no longer alights except by chance of route, or just about.


No eBook available Amazon. Given the disproportion between seeds and pulp, birds care little for them, since in the end so little is left once through from beak to anus. From inside the book. Ponge was a true visionary of the minute little detail often overlooked.

Would you like to write for The Rumpus? Yet must they be pronounced. Then, his body stuck in the ropes, he queries the air with his head like a worm in its mound.

Instead of those gigantic monuments which testify ffrancis to the grotesque disparity between his imagination and his person or his disgraceful social and convivial habitsor again instead of those statues on his own scale or slightly larger here I’m thinking of Michelangelo’s Davidwhich are simply representations of himself Ponge’s observations written down in poetic prose is well worth attention.

Normale zaken krijgen nieuwe lagen en dat is gaaf om te lezen. The most well-founded opinions, the most harmonious voicd constructed philosophic systems have always seemed to me utterly precarious, caused in me a certain queasiness, an uneasiness, an unpleasant feeling of instability. Klara rated it liked it Apr 24,