One of such is the Gadaa system of the Oromo People. . Hallpike, C. R., “ Review: The Origins of the Borana Gada System,” Reviewed. Oromo elites, Abba Gadaa (father of Gadaa), historians most often say that it is The Gada system is largely practised by the Oromo people. Was it a system used through out Oromia or was it prevalent in one region of Oromia The Gada system spread with the migration and intermingle of the Oromo.

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Gada is an indigenous system of human development on the basis of which the Oromo welfare system is institutionalized, communal wealth distributed, rules of resource protection and environmental conservation enforced and through which all their aspirations are fulfilled. The four inscribed cultural heritages in need of urgent safeguarding are: Hence, Gadaa is instrumental in examining and understanding the cultural and historical experience of the Oromo people.

There are several inter-generational rules of the Oromo society under the Gada system of which the basic rule is the position of a man on the Gada cycle is always five grades forty years ahead of the grade of his son. Gada, a puzzle or a Maze?

Other principles of the system include balanced representation of all clans, lineages, regions and confederacies, accountability of leaders, the settlement of disputes through reconciliation, and the respect for basic rights and liberties. The retired Abba Gada and his council called Yuba serve as counsellors for the ruling Gada Class and are in charge of administration of justice.

The distribution of power among the various offices in Gada council is based on equality. Heads of each Cibra are called Abba Cibra. Further the young, poor and the elders are politically and economically marginalized in western democracies.

This is the turning point in the Gada cycle. The tone, the gesture, the accent, the pause and other oratorical finesses are sufficient among several clans to strongly nuance the word De Salviac Here the term Gada is the stage and a period of eight years during which the elected government stay in power, not the whole Gada system.?

But, they have given information on their reference to African societies that used to live along the Nile Valley and around East African peoples. An Oromo cannot imagine functioning as a human being or living in a community apart from rules of behaviour preserved and sysrem in the Gada System.


The Gadaa System of the Oromo People

Palgrave Gadx, New York. On important occasions, members of the ruling Gada Councils and assemblies, active and retired, emphasize these themes and pass the oomo through the words of mouth. Gada is a complex system that incorporates pivotal institutions such as moggaasa naturalizationguddifacha adoptionaraara conflict resolutiongumaa reparationrakoo marriage law waaqeffannaa Systm religion and Siinqee institution to safeguard women right.

Finally, upon completion of the series of deliberations he asks: Gada Assembly is an ultimate authority. Historically, it has been seen as a better method of governing than other forms in the region. Given the vastness of the Oromiasquare kilometres and its population 50 millionassemblies take place in several places and assemblies are named after the place of gatherings.

The three age regiments in other words are age-sets belonging to grade IV, V and grade VI of the Gada stages of development. The transition kromo by which the genealogical social group the sons passes from one gads to the next is performed every eight years during the life cycle.

The chronological age group is called Hiriya age sets while the genealogical generation group is called Luba Gada class.

Comparable in its magnitude to the powerful Zulu nation of South Africa and the Fulani of West Africa the Oromo were superior in military establishment. Name of the element in the language and script of the community concerned: Between the 17 th?

Related East Africa Oormo. Gada system, an indigenous democratic socio- political system of the Oromo. When one passes from one grade to the other, his roles and responsibilities in the community also changes, in such a way, an individual or group of individuals whom are assuming the office will be critically tested in the system.

Daniel Berhane Daniel Berhane. Gadaa regarded as one of the ancient type of gava organization by relating it to culture of other Cushitic people.

Briefing: What is Oromo’s Gada system? | Horn Affairs

The entire class progresses through eleven series grades. Hence, he seeks to balance the individual freedom of expression on the one hand, and the orderly environment of deliberation on the other. There is deep personal identification between the members of the class and their leadership. Webarchive template wayback links All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from January The transition into this final grade is formally take place by rite of incense exchange Qumbi wal irraa fuudhuu.


As a governance System, Gada guides the life course of individuals and regulates political, economic, social and religious activities of the community.

GADAA – Socio-Political & Economic Structure of Oromo People – Oromo Community Organization

While he was taking rest under the shade of Odaa sycamore tree instantly covered by cloud and mist Waaqaa God told him all laws and moral values to the innocent man of Walaabuu. Syetem is president of the Gada Council established recently at Bishoftu to promote the Gada System, realize good governance and ensure peace and stability of orkmo Oromo people. The Oromo socio-political structures had been dismantled by the Abyssinian conquerors that came from the north.

The gaca from the third to the fourth grade is one of the most important events of the Gada institution. Thus the young men develop a new social identity that cut-across kinship ties.? Before they enter the Gada period or before they come to power they have to prove their capacity in military activities.

As such, he plays an indispensable role oroml power transfer occasions and legitimizing the ruling Gada System. In fact, many scholars have given various explanations of Gadaa System. The basic rule of the Gada system is that the newly born infant child always enters the system of grades exactly forty years after his father, regardless sydtem the age of the son or the father. Oromo philosophy, art and calendar are based on Gada as an expression of Oromo civilization.

Ethiopia Your browser is not supported by this application. These cultural spaces are legally and culturally protected. Hence it tada the sense of imagining people without law, order and closure of government where an offender goes unpunished and all other laws will be null and void.

Horn Affairs

Following handover of political power the outgoing Gada leaders enter the Yuba grade semi retired. Asmerom Legesse’s explanation, Gadaa is a system of generation classes that oeomo each other every eight years in assuming political, military, judicial, legislative and ritual responsibilities. The Oromo Nation is the community concerned with the Gada system.

In average, from eight hundred to one thousand citizens do take part daily in the meeting that lasts for eight successive days Abdullahi ; Diribi ; Asmarom