49 quotes from Dumbing Us Down: The Hidden Curriculum of Compulsory Schooling: ‘I’ve noticed a fascinating phenomenon in my thirty years of teaching: sch. 95 quotes from John Taylor Gatto: ‘When you take the free will out of education, that turns it into schooling.’, ‘I’ve noticed a fascinating phenomenon in my thirty. For that reason alone, Dumbing Us Down is an intriguing book. Having seen things firsthand, Gatto is in a position to understand just how bad.

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The Hidden Curriculum of Compulsory Schooling. I teach school and win awards doing it. This is a great mystery to me because thousands of humane, caring people work in schools as teachers and aides and administrators, but the abstract logic of the institution overwhelms their individual contributions.

Dumbing Us Down

Why, then, are we locking kids up in an involuntary network with strangers for twelve years? The Hidden Curriculum of Compulsory Schooling is a collection of essays and speeches by Gatto on public education.

No one believes anymore that scientists are trained in science classes or politicians in civics classes or poets in English classes. And how to submit with a show of enthusiasm to the judgment of strangers, even if they are wrong, even if your enthusiasm is phony. Although teachers to care and do work very, very hard, the institution is psychopathic — it has no conscience. Books by John Taylor Gatto. And under the guise that it is the same thing as education, it has been picking our pockets just as Socrates predicted it would thousands of years ago.


Excerpt from the Foreward by Thomas Moore. The Hidden Curriculum of Compulsory Schooling. Learning Parks was one of the first experiments co-created by Shikshantar in Udaipur in the year I learned it through apprenticeship with him. The school thanked him for the offer but told him there was no room on their schedule.

What Is Classical Education? Now we have been rendered permanent children.

Dumbing Us Down Quotes by John Taylor Gatto

Children and families need some relief from government surveillance and intimidation if original expressions belonging to THEM are to develop. The truth is that schools don’t really teach anything except how to obey orders. Fown Plant Gabriola Island, B. All Quotes Add A Quote. It rings a bell and the young man in the middle of writing a poem must close his notebook and move to a different cell where he must memorize that humans and gatfo derive from a common ancestor.

People need to be told what they are worth.


Dumbing Us Down – Wikipedia

Factory-schooling is guilty of its own deadly sins. This is the most important lesson of them all: Seven Deadly Sins of Schooling Factory-schooling is guilty of its own deadly sins.

This means that a content-based curriculum, with a set body of information to be imparted to students, is entirely inappropriate as a means of preparing children for their adult roles. The experiences that produce it and the self-awareness that propels it are nearly free. Thanks for telling us about the problem. It is illegitimate to have an expert answer that question for you.

I hope I still have that kind of passion in my eighties.

The habits taught in large-scale organizations are deadly. He knew I could learn this relatively simple skill on my own. In his opinion, few people opposing Gatto had seen the video presentation.