The Kodokan Goshin Jutsu was created in by a Kodokan working group to It is divided into two unarmed sets (toshu no bu) and three sets with weapons The intent in this kata is different than with normal Judo practice, in that this is a. Kodokan Goshin Jutsu Kata No Kata. Closing date for applications: 28th January For any questions, email: [email protected] Los geht’s: Goshin-Jitsu-no-Kata Seminar in Varel mit Claus Hillers hat begonnen. Die Teilnehmer sind aus dem gesamten Bundesgebiet angereist Vielen.

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I am now frequently requested to teach groups Kodokan goshin jutsu. Mike, your initial post certainly is a bit extreme.

Kime no kata is a jo to learning the fundamental principles of attack-defence, or attack-attack, action-reaction. There is kumi tsukareta ba-ai, that gowhin very specific and very different from Hanareta ba-ai; the first indicates a series of attacks that come from a person you are already in contact with who is close by, the second are from an attacker sudenly coming from afar.

Dowel rods work well for the Jo; with a little creativity and carving, you can make a knife out of a hammer or axe handle; and I’ve found an airsoft pistol works really well to simulate the size and structure of a pistol. Another extension could be the use of the defences against attacks coming randomly in quick succession from different assailants approaching from different angles.

Its not only the body that needs training its the hitsu and goshjn. SD is a massive subject. I think it best I go do an awful lot more study and practice then report back here in the next 30 years. Ijtsu a real situation you will always use something that is kaat natural for you.

It was the one kata which I hated practicing and thus I did not practice it, unless I had to do my nidan exam and one of my coaching certifications for where it was also on the program. The last three groups are attacks with weapons buki no bu: Posts Topics Advanced Search. I must be missing something? I would be willing to bet that many judoka have said that about kata before. It is driving me to tears. It is not modern. I truly do not see the point in this ‘kata’?


Kodokan Goshin Jutsu

The differences are clearly explained in its subsections. Retrieved from ” https: External links [ edit ] Video of Goshin Gosyin from Poland. To this end what the hell am I missing? I can see this point BUT why not teach them the kime goshib kata as I did with all the young teens I taught?

They can be summed up in: But over time I learnt that my view was wrong. He is also reported as having said that you should look into the eyes of your assailant and determine if he has the will to shoot. There are many things I suck at. Ueshina was infamous with his teaching as even when attacked with what looked like the same attack by the same person Ueshiba would not use the same n twice as he felt the nuances, the differences, between each and every attack.

Also, the term “modern” is something in the West we have added to clarify a couple of things. I seriously need some help here.

Total Crazy Rant about Kodokan Goshin jutsu

Almost as much time has elapsed since the Goshin-Jutsu was devised until the present day kaga there had been from when the Kime-No-Kata was established until the Kodokan decided that a more modern self-defence system was required. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Is your wallet more precious jitsk your life. It’s OK to play the devil’s advocate, but you do sound a bid a bad boy with regard to this kata, absolutely refusing to see any sense in it even after people have clarified jiysu number of crucial things. There is no defence against handguns in KNK. Kime no kata makes you think inside of the box while goshin makes you think outside of the box.

If you want a piece of advice i would say: I am, at present, even ksta able to academically defend it than ever. I guess IF a judoka doesn’t learn the kime no kata the goshinjutsu kata could be of some service. You are not specifying this. The SD was not a part of the judo curriculum and certainly the two concepts where never confused.


If you go looking for flaws they can be found in each and every Kodokan kata. I personally dislike katame-no-kata.

BillC sensei mentions its fun and helps students become interested in learning other kata, goshjn introduction to kata. I have attended clinics where this kata was taught and tried to learn it.

I used the knowledge acquired through the practice of that kata. Submit a new text post. Do whatever you want, but let whatever you learn help and prepare you so that at least you have a selection of choices to pick from in order to do whatever you want.

These defences could be interchanged as suggested by John Cornish in his booklet on the Kata and this would further increase the repertoire of possible responses. I particularly find the defense against someone armed with a handgun almost suicidal. Video of Goshin Jutsu by two experts from the Kodokan. I accept the fault is with me and maybe godhin with the ‘kata’.

This is a fact of life and although as competitors we can moan about the lack of consistency, the reality is that kata was not devised to be competitive and the difficulties experienced in judging are in no small way due to it having that role goahin upon it.

Kodokan Goshin Jutsu – Wikipedia

Articles containing Japanese-language text. There is more to judo than what is ‘just’ approved by the Kodokan? However you must try different techniques to know what suits you the best. A person with a knife or a gun is not a person to play with.