Gotrek and Felix are a pair of characters in the Warhammer Fantasy setting who appear in a The novels chronicle the adventures of a Dwarven Slayer named Gotrek Gurnisson and his poet/insurrectionist companion, Felix . Ulrika Magdova is a vampire, formerly a Kislevite noblewoman and Felix’s former love interest. Ulrika Magdova was a major character in the Gotrek and Felix series, as she was appearance in Vampireslayer and return in Manslayer) – Ulrika the Vampire. Vampireslayer (Warhammer: Gotrek and Felix, book 6) by William King – book cover, description, publication history.

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This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

Books by William King. Jan 23, Peter Bobovsky rated it it was amazing. Gotrek is just all “I must be getting soft,” and thinks nothing of it. Mar 18, Jason rated vampie really liked it. The ending is excellent and because of his choises, after 8 years Black Library goterk Ulrika own series. His signature weapon is a battleaxe imbued with powerful rune magic, having gained this weapon during his first excursion into the northern Chaos Wasteswhere he recovered it from the dead son of King Thangrim Firebeard.

And Dwarfs take oaths very seriously. But since the heyday of the Vampire Counts, the lot of the vampire has fallen considerably.

Gotrek & Felix: Vol.2 | Book by William King | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

I’m not a vampire fan unlike the rest of the world so I really hesitated on reading this, pushing on only gotfek I’m a fan of the series. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Apr 04, Miikka Lehtonen rated it liked it. As shown in Dragonslayerit grants him a shield from a dragon’s fiery breath, as well as providing a powerful confidence when facing such a creature.


In this case the three heroes would fight like one and Gotrek and Josef would serve Grombrindal as shieldbearers.

Community Forum Discord Server. However, the stand out aspect of this book for me was the evocative and convincing role of magic, which has a flavour all of its own. Disowned by his family, he ran away from home, where he eventually became a bit of an activist, and inadvertently started a riot over an unfair Window Tax. Taking place years after the events of the Vampire Wars Vlad, Konrad and Mannfred von Carstein’s wars against humanity – it is the story of one of the minor vampire players from that time period- Adolphus Kreiger.

Aug 03, Maetco rated it it was ok. Every time they encounter one another, Thanquol’s self-proclaimed ingenious schemes are either confounded as Thanquol paranoidly believes by the incompetence of his lackeys or utterly destroyed by Gotrek and Felix or both ; as a result, Thanquol has lost much power and prestige in the Skaven Under-Empire.

Jul 18, Ed C rated it liked it Shelves: Grey Seer Thanquol is one of the most recurrent enemies of Gotrek and Felix, a rarity in that he has encountered the pair more than once and lived to tell the tale.

Gotrek and Felix

Felix Jaeger is Gotrek’s reluctant companion and “Rememberer. Learning of the group’s involvement through his servant Osrik, Krieger has his underlings launch a diversionary attack on Andriev’s manor while he steals in to take the Eye. Felix, bound to him by a Dwarven blood-oath sworn after a drinking binge, is vampige with writing and recording his heroic exploits and ultimately his death.


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Taking place years after the events of the Vampire Wars Vlad, Konrad and Mannfred von Carstein’s wars against humanity – it is the story of one of the minor vampire slaye Wandering around my used bookstore, I stumbled upon an old paperback from To ask other readers questions about Vampireslayerplease sign up.

Please help rewrite it to explain the fiction more clearly and provide non-fictional perspective. I don’t know whether William King’s novels are considered ‘canon’ as far as the Warhammer universe is concerned, neither do I particularly slayfr, but there is a lot of interesting history in this one.

Vampireslayer (Warhammer : Gotrek and Felix, book 6) by William King

While celebrating the victory they swore that they would come back and save their Dwarf brothers again if there was real need. This was a good vampire story. Je dois dire qu’il ne m’en a pas eflix longtemps pour plonger dans celui-ci.

She returned in Manslayerseemingly wanting to patch things up with Felix, but once again their differences now slager and prey prevented a complete reconciliation and she abandoned Felix and Gotrek to fight fellow vampires, forced to abide vampirs “mother’s” command to kill them. There have been thirteen Boneripper s, nearly all of which have been killed by Gotrek and Felix.

The killer, a vampire named Adolphus Kriegeris in the city to recover an ancient artifact called the Eye of Khemri.