Julia Jurgenson Writing September 27, Jonah Lehrer’s article “ Groupthink” is mainly about producing new ways of brainstorming. He discusses the. Groupthink: The brainstorming myth. The New Yorker. The ideas presented in Jonah Lehrer’s article were very interesting, especially for someone . And in his New Yorker article, Jonah Lehrer cites research Suffice it to say, we dislike consensus-based “Groupthink” as much as the next.

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Why that is occurring is an entire subject unto itself. Some of the outcomes were Chomsky’s studies of linguistics, the Bose speakers, advances in high-speed photography, and the first video game. Of the two central GroupThink articles I would say by far the most relevant is the writing that Susan Cain has been doing on the subject of how to better utilize the brainpower of introverts from the perspective of introverts. I wonder about the term “creative” here though.

Assignment 2: Lehrer “Groupthink” Summary and Analysis

This mixture meant that the artists could interact efficiently-they had a familiar structure to fall back on-but they also managed to incorporate some new ideas. It is the human friction that makes the sparks” Also known by many organizational leaders today is that similar skill progressions apply to most aspects of teamwork and or cocreation.

Next, Lehrer suggests an ideal group formation to achieve the most creative output.

The mixing of these seemingly unrelated groups through the leher numbering of floors and rooms and the ability to reconstruct the building to create a more collaborative space, caused the inhabitants to be more innovative. Its more about how stuff gets done. GroupThink by Jonah Lehrer Entertaining: The bike might be different, the riding interface might be different, etc.


Lehrer then uses a study by the review of over 20 million peer-reviewed academic papers and 2 groupthino patents made in the United States; Lehrer uses pure numbers to test the sleep reader.

Lehrer was just a writer receiving a pittance for his article, with no resources to do a research piece.

Making Sense of the “New GroupThink” | Humantific

People have a belief that their ideas are crazy, but when they try them, they realize the ideas are reasonable and it opens up the doors to them thinking outside of the box as well. Evidently not everyone writing about teamwork, brainstorming and collaboration lehrdr. The first example of this is the Pixar headquarters.

Notify me of new comments via email. Whether everyone likes it or not, much that goes on in the context of wicked lehrrr needs to be socially constructed.

Another incubator for creativity was Building 20 on the M. The subject and working terrain of enabling integrative innovation in organizations is unquestionably a moving frontier, forever in motion. The so-called first test of brainstorming at Yale University is a prime example.

From a research perspective one could conceivably: Rather he leaves it up to the reader to discover on their own. The importance Uzzi introduces here is that the time these actors and actresses spend together is essential to produce a good show.


This building was quick to plan and built out of the cheapest of materials. Notify me of new comments via email.

Groupthink and the Myth of Brainstorming (by Jonah Lehrer)

Argument has been the default dynamic in western culture for hundreds of years so not much of a change prescription there. Her book entitled Quietwhich I just finished reading, is much more useful than the article, as it explains her point of view in more detail. Doing so is never particularly beneficial to anyone, except perhaps the creators jonahh such time-warp arguments.

There seems to be two primary GroupThink articles floating around; one by Susan Cain published January 13, and the other that you referenced by Jonah Lehrer published January 30, It would seem, however, that many truths, oral and written, are disguised by slogans and statements. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: In fact, in the spirit of creating groputhink, workable ideas for school and the workplace, the whole of this essay does nothing but nurture what Osborn attempted to do.

GroupThink by Susan Cain Entertaining: