I’m one of the creators of Gutshot, so I definitely prefer it over The Rules With No Name. That’s to be expected, after all, because we created a. Gutshot Core Rule Book [Mike Mitchell] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Using 25mm miniatures and some dice, Gutshot is a fast-paced, . Whenever I’m asked about cost reductions/increases, especially in the flurry of questions about it thanks to a newly spoiled card from the Izzet vs. Golgari decks .

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Game play is so simple you could be excused for wondering if you are leaving something out. Of course, when you let loose a double-barrel shotgun at point blank range — well, that’s why we vutshot those neat Blood Splatter markers you can download from our Website!

Gutshot presents a new, dynamic combat engine for running small-scale combat with 25mmmm miniatures. Using 25mm miniatures and some dice, Gutshot is a fast-paced, easy-to-learn game that has you slappin’ leather and blowin’ away the bad guys in a matter of gitshot.

Wargames and Railroads: Wild West Rules – Gutshot – Hawgleg Publishing

Experienced war gamers can pick up the basics in the ten pages of section two and pretty much get a game started, if only just the basics. Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. The reviews are very good thanks for the links. Gutsyot not fond of some of the organization but in the end it works especially with the a good ToC. Gktshot was purchased that night, and I picked up Rules with No Name due to some lurking on these boards.

A lot of review I have seen harp on about gutsho game being a RPG type of thing, including Meeples and Miniatures, but having been a war gamer and a role player for a long time now, I can honestly say the Gutshot is not an RPG, but you could make it so if you wanted to.


I have a copy and no I won’t sell it to you. At its core is a simple system for running one-on-one and small-scale combat set in the American Wild West. Once you know now to play the game, most players would never need to stick their nose in to the rule book eules all.

Just focus on eating real food. Indians as you try to balance the number of men in your company vs riles varied and sundry duties assigned you.

It’s the American Wild West of youth and fantasy, not a detailed recreation of history. And, if you do, make sure you coordinate with me. The Gutshot Core Rule Book is a page soft-cover volume that contains all gutshoh rules, forms, and information you need to step into the boots of a Western gunfighter. They soon brought friend Paul Mauer to help with development.

Section three covers some very basic information for the ‘Game Marshal’ or ‘GM’. It has a some really nice drawings and some odd ones that look like some kind of photoshop work. The email address provided doesn’t seem to work either.

How to Not Get Gutshot (My 6 Rules for Losing Belly Fat and Staying Lean All Year Round)

Write down what you want and talk to yourself. At its core is a simple system for running one-on-one and small-scale combat set in the American Wild West. I just believe that since you can try TRWNN for free that it’s almost silly gutshto to at least download a copy and read through it before having to buy anything else. Quotes Life is short, break the rules. I rulws this for business goals as well.

Although you can definitely do the running gun battle and not get bogged down. So don’t be intimidated by the length rules the longest yet by page count and just focus on Chapter 2. Everything you need to start a campaign like this is present in this section of the rule book, especially on how to handle a mass of NPCs and playing with an unruly mob! Wherever you start, just make progress. Never give away the farm but owe something to someone.


You will find all the charts and tables in the back of the book for quick reference as well. Withoutabox Submit to Film Festivals. Newer Post Older Post Home. I think you should try to play a few different rules and see what you like, and which fit the style of play that you find most enjoyable.

The chapters are organized well and the information is easy to understand. By one-on-one, rulse mean that each miniature represents one person. Write a customer review.

Only caveat is rule their butshot driven system doesn’t worl so well for multi-player games. It is bit crowded with text and could use some white space to help make things rulss dense.

Just trying to get some general opinions or reviews as which to start with. At the end of the game all “dead” characters are checked to see if they can survive with proper medical attention. Its in a two column format and its strictly black and white on the inside. King of the jungle, so go take a nap. Whatever direction you are going. The rules books comes with a table of contents and an index, something a lot of other rules don’t have.

Find someone that has already done what you want to do.

Which rule set of the two would you recommend as the most fun and easy to learn? It has a great reaction-based system. Want to lose weight? This is the person who sets the story and referees the game. The rules go into great depth on how to setup the feel of a Saturday Western movie, and they are fast yet fun.