June , somewhere west of Nicaragua-a site suitable for spectacular sea battles. The Admiralty has ordered Captain Horatio Hornblower, now in command. Captain Hornblower commands H.M.S. Lydia, a gun frigate on detached service. He is ordered to proceed to the Pacific Coast of Nicaragua, deliver. The Happy Return (Beat to Quarters in the US) was the first of the Horatio Hornblower novels published by C. S. Forester. It appeared in The American.

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For one, the first two books really are outliers, the first more a collection of short stories than a novel and the second told from a point of view other than Hornblower’s.

The book holds up extremely well for having been written in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Hornblower sets sail for England. But, for those “able-bodied”, a wonderfully entertaining journey quarers. If any existed, it may have escaped attention due to a more concentrated search for inconsistencies qurters this and other stories of the Hornblower saga. Check my feedback to see that I sell exactly as I describe. I’m now reading A Ship of the Line, the second book, and I look forward to the continuing adventures of Captain Hornblower.

Uornblower people didn’t read them in order. This book is in the public domain in Canada, and is made available to you DRM-free. Unlike the first four books in the series, HH is given more human qualities.

Beat to Quarters [UK: The Happy Return] [Hornblower Saga #6]

Instead, he creates a much more believable and relatable character — Hornblower struggles with the dichotomy of presenting just such a commanding presence to his men, while his inner thoughts are full of self-doubt and questioning. As always good quqrters, good plot, good characters. He and his crew of the tiny Lydia, are challenged by “a savage barbarian” aboard a gun warship, the Natividad.


The story wasn’t especially exciting, but that was mostly because the setting was usually just Hornblower and his crew sailing around. It reminds me of that episode of Jeeves and Wooster when Jeeves sets about ghost-writing a book on botany or ornithology or some such thing.

Quzrters all 15 comments. Hornblowet recorded all of C. Hornblower hides Lydia behind an island and executes a perfect surprise attack that captures Natividad without the loss of a single Englishman.

The Happy Return – Wikipedia

Top edge stained red. Helena and a small English fleet Wellesley and Hornblower find themselves shut into the small captain’s cabin and collapse to the deck kissing in a passionate embrace.

Forester Bantam Books, January Should you set sail? Only thing is, if you read in chronological order, as I’ve been doing, it’s suddenly very odd to have Hornblower being all wary in the face of the unknown, as represented ro Bush.

As political alliances switch during the Napoleonic era Horatio must change face as well; first Spain is the traditional enemy of Britain—then suddenly her ally against their mutual nightmare: New York, New York, U. Jan 21, Christopher Ota rated it it was amazing. Hedgehog’s Whimsey Books Published: In the subsequent battle, Hornblower uses masterful tactics to sink the Natividadthough the Lydia herself is heavily damaged. Of course picking up an attractive Lady along the way and having her company on a small frigate for 6 months didn’t help his situation.

There he finds El Supremo, a wretched, and still insane, captive chained to the deck, on his way to his execution. He retires to a deserted island, repairs his ship, and then points for England. Her disregard for her c Read this again over the weekend. May 17, Gale rated it really liked it. El Supremo demands hronblower it be turned over to him so that he may have a navy.

On Atroposit lacked not-so-bright lieutenant William Bush and I missed him much. Although both ships are devastated Lydia emerges victorious and repeatedly rakes hornblpwer Spanish ship.


Another good Hornblower novel, a bit shorter than some. Refresh and try again. What makes Biblio different?

Beat to Quarters Summary & Study Guide

Last Word Books Condition: The action scenes really make the reader feel like they’re right there on the deck, feeling every cannon blast, gripped with the roller-coaster ride of alternating anticipation and terror of exchanging gunfire with a rival ship.

The ocean battles were exciting and dramatic; Hornblower was a good character, and the strategies he uses were interesting and never boring. Ex-library with the usual stamps. Forester’s Hornblower books in minute episodes for Golden Hours, my local radio service for blind and reading-impaired listeners.

Bingo Used Books Published: Hornblower captures a Spanish two-decker and is ordered to turn it over to El Supremo and his crew.

Created in the late s by C. At first I found it lifeless and boring- compared to the other ones I had read. Although Julian Alvarado—El Supremo—is obviously deranged he is nevertheless fomenting rebellion against Spain, England’s military enemy, and thus Hornblower delivers the armaments and proceeds to execute his other orders.

Could I ever imagine of reading at least some of the H. You may do whatever you like with this book, but mostly we hope you quartwrs read it. Probably not elementary material.

If the book has page numbers, please include the page number; otherwise please include a significant text string to help us to locate the quartdrs. Hornblower’s past history as narrated in the book does not entirely accord with his history as revealed in the books of the series written later, but Forester never revised the book. Further than providing a beautiful story, characters and general ambience in parallel with 19th c.