Using mod_expires, you can tell visiting browsers to hold on to certain files longer (likes images, which are rarely changed). ss. It should be added to the top of ss file. ## EXPIRES CACHING ## mod_expires.c> ExpiresActive On ExpiresByType. htaccess mod_expires / mod_cache / mod_deflate / mod_headers ss.

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You can’t change the properties of those offsite files, except in how you reference them. Hello Arun, Apologies, but I’m not seeing the errors you’re referring to. The way it should work, is browsers who have already cached the files will wait until the expiration date set in the headers before checking back. I inputted the following into my “.

3 Simple .htaccess Rules For Better Website Performace – Deluxe Blog Tips

And learn by example: Hello JF, Thank you for contacting us. Are there broken links on the page?

To allow browser caching, you would need need to configure this exporesbytype the external caching server. Hello Arnel, The configuration which is given by Scott is working. Thanks for the answer. I do add this code to the htaccess file and that the only thing to do?

You can see in the above code that there are time periods like “1 year” or “1 month”. The following table explains the difference between them. How to prevent access to a specific file in htaccess 27, hits. Is it better practice to wrap Expires lines in ifmodule just in case, or not wrap to avoid tasking the server with the check? Thank you greatly for providing easy to understand instructions! Newsletter Subscribe to our newsletter to receive news and tutorials about WordPress and web development.


You also don’t need to set Cache-Control expirexbytype. Please let me know your thoughts. Then i modifed again and accessed, this time it worked, I can able to see the modified content. Hard to say why it worked for you without ExpiresActive on, but just be sure to always use it in the future to be certain.

3 Simple .htaccess Rules For Better Website Performace

Each file type can be set to specific times to expire the cache. Allow access to specific file types in a protected directory 16, hits.

Additional information,In my case proxy server is serving the file from the cache Reply. I must appreciatethis blog is one of the most systematic and well organised blog. Please check your host configuration or ask your hosting company to make sure it works you can still leave them in the.

As you suggested i enabled the below in httpd. In this case, it really won’t make that much of a difference. In the 2nd testing, i didnt access the file before enabling the expire module hence there was no expire time set because of that its working fine eventhough many times we do modifying.


How to Add mod_expires to your .htaccess | InMotion Hosting

See What topics can I ask about here in the Help Center. With an external caching server as you are describing, a user would be accessing that server when they access your site in which caching data may not be passed on to the user.

You can set it with a specific time like this:. Get web hosting from a company that is here to help. I just know that it works like this in up-to-date chromium and firefox.

The only way I know to signal off-topic-ness that persists over time is the custom close message. Related Questions Here are a few questions related to this article that our customers have asked:.

How to Add mod_expires to your .htaccess

Simple, objective… Perfect article! In that case your server will send only small response to the browser Not Modified if the requested resource is not changed. Try using the code below as it should set th xls files to a non caching state.