specifications at the end of the Operation Manual. Since the service life of The main unit for the HVS series is HVSHS. The following. For-a Hvshs Manual. HVS / – HD/SD Portable Video Switcher, HVS- – 3G/HD/SD 2M/E Video. Switcher, HVSHS – HD/SD M/E Video. A HVSHS Type A M/E Switcher featuring 8 HD/SD-SDI Inputs HVS- 35OU M/E Control Panel; Manual; AC Cord; Rack Mount Brackets; BNC Cable .

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Along with wipes, effects like mosaic and defocus are also provided.

With this duration time, transition sequences of two steps statuses before and after recalling events can be performed. Freely set the events to be called up and the time to assist to the registered status.

FOR-A HVS-350HS Operation Manual

Then turn F3 to select a menu page and press F3. There are three different types. The source channel button currently connected to Destination 1 will light up orange. Copying And Clearing Playlists Ancillary Data The switcher allows users to pass, substitute or blank the ancillary data in the Program Clean and Preview video.

This chapter explains how to select patterns for transitions, how to check which pattern is currently selected and how to select patterns quickly using the Direct Pattern function. Available signal selections are as described below.

For-A HVSHS Type A HD/SD M/E Video Switcher

Pattern Modify Example1 Pattern Dve Effects On Keys The Switcher supports 2 channels of dedicated Picture-in-Picture PiP nanual that allow the picture to be enlarged, shrunk, repositioned, manaul, or given a border. Pins send on-air tallies and Pins send Next tallies. Image Data Transfer However, when recording in Stop Motion mode, the previously stored data is still held in the memory and a new recording is started from the end of the recorded data. User button function is activated when the state of the specified item changes to OFF.


For.A HVSHS Type B M/E Switcher HVSHS TYPE B B&H

Preview Set Up As a factory default settings, video inputs, Stills and Mattes are assigned to the bus buttons. Rotation In addition to the position and size changes, users can add a rotation effect to the key images.

Inside border and outside borders can be adjusted independently. There are two procedures to select signals for auxiliary outputs: Caution Disconnect power cord by connector only. Creating New Sequences The operation example in this section shows how to create a new sequence in three steps and store it to “Sequence Memory 0. The multiviewers have two types of tally indicators: Selecting The Split-screen Type Page Index About This Manual Triggering User Buttons Consult your FOR-A resellers for more details.

Pressing a user button lets you open the desired menu page or perform the desired function. Doing the same thing with previous video switchers requires using a sequence function, a time-consuming job that includes selecting patterns. Output signal Pin No. To set up external devices, see their manual pages. Loading Setting Data ON. Playing Back Sequences The operation example in this section shows how to recall and play the sequence that was created in the previous section and saved to “Sequence Memory 0.


Installing the AC Cord Retaining Clip 1 Insert both ends of the retaining clip into the holes on the sides of the hexagon head screws. Quick Recall Direct Mode System Setup Settings Pattern Modify Example1 pattern 20 Transition Pattern List Advanced Settings for Transitions Transition Block Description Panel Descriptions Unlit installed. In such a case, power off the unit and consult your FOR-A supplier. Playing Sequences Using the Fader Lever The playback of sequences can be played back using the fader lever.

Signal ground The pin assignment shown above is the factory default assignment. This chapter explains how to select patterns for the transition, how to check which pattern is currently selected and how to select patterns quickly using the Direct Pattern function.

System Signal Format Selection at the Initial Use When first switching on your unit, please select a signal format as shown below. No Longer Available Update Location close. Do not pull on cable portion.

Use the supplied or commercially-prepared pin D-sub male connector with inch screws for making a connection cable. Power on the hcs-350hs unit and change the ID to a valid network ID. The indicator is normally unlit. It is used to synchronize asynchronous signals. Before upgrading the switcher, be sure to check the relevant version in this menu.