Inventing Europe: idea, identity, reality. Front Cover. Gerard Delanty. Macmillan, – History – Bibliographic information. QR code for Inventing Europe. I{ETlllNKlNC IRTSH HISTORy (with patrick O’Mahony). Inventing Europe. Idea, Identity, Reality. Gerard Delanty. Senior LÄ›crurer in Sociology. U niversity of Liver . Inventing Europe: Idea, Identity, Reality, Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke,

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But the Byzantines were only resilient; they succeeded merely in pushing the Muslims back but could not defeat them.

The dominant ideas are never controlled by any single ruling elite and can be used to subvert power. The nexus of this discourse is the West-East dualism and the corresponding counler-factualism of an ‘usV’them’ inbenting. With Bodin in the sixteenth 38 Inventing Europe century, a shift is evident that Inventin was in the process of replacing Christendom Fritzemeyer,p.

The emphasis on Christendom rather than Europe was not surprising since between and 1 when Jersusalcm was occupied by the cru- saders. This is evidenced by the proliferation of European publications on the Ottoman empire in the sixteenth century Springborg, It must not be forgotten that the nation-state is also inventijg the unified and autonomous enti- ty it is often portrayed erope be, but is characterised by the same divisions with which Europe is often equated.

Troy, the cra- dle of the Occident, for instance, was cast of the Dardanelles. The book has been written in the manner of a critical intervention in the contemporary debate on delanyt meaning of Europe. His concept of Europe was delwnty only that of Latin Christendom, but in the wake of the Turkish advance, it also included Greece, the Balkans and Byzantium Barraclough, Western Europe was vulnerable to attack from all sides.


My thesis, in contrast, is that it must be viewed in the global context of world-views and the nation-state, far from being its enemy, is in fact the condition of its possibility. The myth of Aeneas survived into the Middle Ages in the formation of a European myth of origins: Much of the classical cul- ture, which had been extinguished in the West after the break-upof the Roman world, was preserved, and indeed expanded, by the Arabs.

Castoriadis has written abouTrfie function of the ‘imaginary’ in the constitution of society. According to Haypp.

Inventing Europe – Gerard Delanty – Google Books

The threat was no longer from the barbarian tribes of the north who had been attacking the Roman Empire since the fifth century, but from Islam. We can detect, however, the beginning of a civilisational strug- gle towards the cultural hegemony of the West in the sense of the cultural superiority of the Romano-Hellenic world over the unconquered world.

It is important that these minimal conditions be separated from the idea of Europe. It included a great diversity of peoples: In fact, the possibility of an alliance between Europe and the Mongols had been a very real possibility in the thirteenth century Phillips,pp.

I am suggesting then that the politics of Europeanism should be seen as an incomplete project in which there can be both regression and a potential for social learning.

[ Gerard Delanty] Inventing Europe 1995

What we are therefore witnessing, in the period under discussion in this chapter, is the transformation of the idea of Europe into a European identi- ty whereby Europe refers not merely to a geographical area but a system of ‘civilisationaT values. K rated it really liked it Dec 05, The acquisition of the New World greatly strengthened a sense of European superiority at a time europw the West had failed europr defeat the Muslim Orient.


The culmination of this was the sacking of Constantinople in by the Fourth Crusade. By its very failure to expand, Christianity gave to Europe its ‘ identity.

The cover-design reproduces George Grosz’s Eclipse of the Sun. But we must not get the impression that there were two mutu- ally exclusive civilisations confronting each other.

Inventing Europe: idea, identity, reality – Gerard Delanty – Google Books

Roman ethnocentrism was focused, not on the idea of Europe, but on inventinv myth of Rome as the centre of the world. In the early Middle Ages Europe receded northwards following the movement of the Franks from their old capital at Aachen towards the Rhine.

It is written in the spirit of a radical inter- vention into the debate eufope a European identity and the attempt to fashion an artificial identity out of what should perhaps be best left as a cultural idea. It is in their language that the idea I of Europe has been codified. The heart of the empire was located in the eastern Mediterranean basin.

With the rise and consolidation of this Muslim world-system, the West delanfy put on the defensive. But this was a unity constituted only in confrontation and did not succeed in concealing the real divisions within the western system of medieval kingdoms. Annelies rated it it was ok Jan 08, Other reflections tend to be of an impressionistic nature Barzini, ; Enzenberger, ; Kramer,; Nooteboom, ; Phillips,