JCM Taiko PUB Bill Acceptor uses a revolutionary drum winding technology that not only transports banknotes, but acts as an effective anti-fishing. AUBURN, Maine, Dec. 7, /PRNewswire/ — A new Cleaning Card for the JCM Global Taiko Bill Validators is being launched today through. JCM TAIKO (PUB – 7/11). Home · Bill validators; JCM TAIKO (PUB – 7/11).. JCM TAIKO (PUB – 7/11). Il TAIKO is small, efficient, secure and very easy to use.

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JCM Taiko Bill Validator Waffletechnology Cleaning Cards KWJCM-B5B15M

Home About us Ttaiko. Sign up for newsletters and promotions in our online shop Enter your e-mail Address Submit. Primary Unit Disassembly This task should only be accomplished at a Workbench.

When installing a Taiko Unit, or connecting its Harness Plug, be sure power to the harness is disconnected.

JCM TAIKO (PUB – 7/11)

Writing A New Serial Number Perform cleaning and maintenance regularly when using the equipment in a place where excessive Automobile exhaust emission or Cigarette Smoke may exist. After determining the cause of the failure, execute the Performance Test, perform a Sensor re-adjustment and then repair the Unit by replacing any appropriate parts deemed necessary.


Double Mouse-Click on SerialNo. The Cleaning Card will be accepted and then automatically returned. Use a soft, jc cloth, Cotton swab or Compressed Air spray to clean dust and debris from the Banknote transportation path.

Table of contents Table Of Jc, Figure Taiko Bezel Guide Removal A-1 Fault Table Listings Figure Lower Guide Lever Removals Serial Number Writer Application Jccm When closing the Unit, ensure all service door locks click into place.

Interface Connector Pin Jm Do not throw or pound hard on the Unit. Pub-7 System Wiring Diagrams continued Inhibit Setting Mode Figure Upper Guide Prism Removal Figure Taiko Transport Drum Removal Dip Switch Configurations Figure Installing the Taiko Bezel 8. Don’t have an account? Figure Adjustment Dip Switch Setting Banknote being inserted Section 2 in this Service Manual.

Palm Pilot Program Installation Do not use any Alcohol, thinner or citrus based products for cleaning any surfaces. The Green Front Panel Bezel light will begin to flash. Entire Taiko Unit Exploded View Holding the Unit by one hand may cause personal injury if the Unit taio becomes disassembled and falls apart.

Check for any bent, missing or damaged Pins in the Connector Plugs and mating Receptacles. Workbench Tool Requirements Figure Taiko Operational Flowchart part raiko Bezel Guide Removal Dip Switch Configurations Inhibit Setting Mode Insert the Banknote Denomination to be inhibited into the Insertion Slot.


Jcm Taiko Pub-7 Bill Validator (cctalk/impuls) – Buy Bill Validator Product on

Dip Switch Tests Incorrect Connection Correct Software is not downloaded Banknote Acceptor is not working does not accept any Banknotes. The unit contains several precision electronic devices which can be damaged if water or any liquid is sprayed or spilled into the unit. Encryption Code Initialization Setting Mode Details The TAIKO is easy to use and maintain, has a low price and its reliability over the years has remained very taiki.

This portion describes the test procedure required for each function using specific DIP Switch settings to identify the cause ucm a suspect failure condition. Calibration Tool Requirements Figure Removing Taiko from Bezel Mount 2.

Refer to the Barcode Coupon Specification. Be careful not to use excessive outside pressure on the Unit, or subject it to excessive vibration during transportation.

Do not use the Acceptor where temperature variations widely fluctuate. Mag Board Removal pub Only