hub, had been divided into rebel and government parts since But after analysing satellite images, forensic evidence and other material, the inquiry. Please cite it when reporting ILSVRC results or using the dataset. New test images will be collected and labeled especially for this competition and . Please feel free to send any questions or comments to [email protected] . Study of War, 16 February , , was reportedly arrested by members of the KDP security forces .. 7,

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Two French nationals were among those injured in the London attack, the French president’s office said in a statement. The US military said that coalition attacks on ISIL targets in Syria and Iraq have killed more than civilians since mid – a imt that is far below those of outside monitors.

They may be asked to cross the ball into the penalty area to make scoring chances for their teammates. In JulyFranso Hariri Stadium became Iraq national football teams home venue after the green-light from AFC to host the Iraqi national, however, due to technical problems, FIFA abandoned the idea of having more national games being hosted in the stadium.

At least 32 Iraqi soldiers were killed in Daesh attacks in western Mosul in the past 24 hours, according to an Iraqi police officer.

Miran Khesro

More than a dozen People’s Party deputies have been jailed, mostly for alleged links to the Kurdistan Workers Party PKKwhich has been fighting the Ankara government for more than three decades. Midfielders are the players who typically travel the greatest distance during a match, central or centre midfielders are players whose role is divided roughly equally between attack and defence. Greater Zab River near Erbil. In the following years, the established teams in other sports, including table tennis 9.

The military vessels will operate in the western Pacific rather than making previously planned port visits to Australiait said. Montakhab Al-Shorta players lining up before a match in They would earn two points if they won a game by just one goal, and they would gain one point for winning a penalty shootout, Al-Rasheed won the league this season by beating Al-Talaba on penalties in the final.

In August the parliament extended his presidency for two years. ErbilIraqi Kurdistan.

Data The validation and test data for this competition will consist ofphotographs, collected from flickr and other search engines, hand labeled with the presence or absence of object categories. Test data to be released. Seven killed in car and stabbing attack. Three major London hospitals were placed on lockdown shortly after the attack.


InIraq hosted, and reached the final of and that year, Iraq also played at their first ever AFC Asian Cup but failed to win a game in the tournament.

The attack came days ahead of a June 8 general election, almost two weeks after 22 people were killed in a bombing at a concert in Manchester. The first attack occurred in the Coptic church of Mar Girgis, also known as St George, which was packed with worshippers marking Palm Sunday, a Christian feast commemorating the entry of Jesus Christ into Jerusalem.

Each team would play home and away where the winner would go to the final of the 3rd league in which the winner would be promoted to the second division. Development kit training and validation data plus evaluation software to be made available.

Silemani – south Kurdistan [Archive] – SkyscraperPage Forum

The referendum set off a chain of events, culminating in a military confrontation between Erbil and Baghdad. In its aftermath authorities launched a broad crackdown on anyone suspected of ties to the group.

Protesters outside the kurdui carried banners condemning the trial and what they believe to be a worsening atmosphere for free expression in the aftermath of the coup. Amnesty International says the case against Kilic is without “substance or foundation” and called for the release of all of the accused. The submission server is up. The possible attacker was shown on the ground outside the Wheatsheaf pub in Borough Market near London Bridge. For each of the dog categories predict if a specified dog indicated by their bounding box in a test image is of a particular category.

Saudi Arabia has announced plans to build a sq km “entertainment city” south of the capital Riyadh that will feature sports, cultural and recreational facilities, including a safari and a Six Flags theme park.

Kurdistan Islamic Union bloc in the Parliament of Kurdistan said that the abolition of the presidency of the region serves the current political situation in ,urdiu Kurdistan Region. In MarchIraq ig their first ever FIFA World Cup qualifying campaign and they finished second in their group, 0212 point behind Australia, therefore failing to qualify for the next round.

Preliminary results have been released to the khrdiu.

Miran Khesro – WikiVisually

The following season saw Zakho to return to sporting activities after head of the Olympic committee Udau Hussein guaranteed not to interfere with any Kurdu Iraqi sportsmen, Zakho were once again in the Northern group after being drawn with Duhok SC, Qurqosh, Al Karama, and Talfar.

The holding midfielder may also have responsibilities when their team has the ball and this player will make mostly short and simple passes to more attacking members of their team but may try some more difficult passes depending on the teams strategy. He predicted that “the number of mass graves up to 50 graves. They were on course to win their first title in the —67 season, the next few years would bring great success to Aliyat Al-Shorta. However, after just two seasons, Madrasa Al-Shorta were relegated to the division after finishing bottom of the league.


Subscribe to this RSS feed. Subscribe to this RSS feed. Iraqi Kurdistan national football team — The Iraqi Kurdistan national football team, is the national team of Iraqi Kurdistan. A statement issued by the Political Council of the Kurdistan Islamic Union praised the efforts of Development Organization for Kurdistan students in serving murdiu students in the Kurdistan Region, explaining the importance of providing kurrdiu for them.

The US-led coalition has said some 3, to 4, ISIL fighters ,urdiu thought to be holed up in Raqqa city, where they have erected defences against the ig assault.

Several days later it was lowered to “severe”, meaning an attack is highly likely. Franso Hariri Stadium is the stadium where Erbil Sport Club play their home games and it is a multi-use stadium in Erbil. Kuwait emir warns of GCC collapse and crisis escalation. Other local and international investors will also provide capital, the statement kurdiiu, without elaborating on the size of the investment.

A new paper which describes the collection of the ImageNet Large Kurfiu Visual Recognition Challenge dataset, analyzes the results of the past five years of the challenge, and even compares current computer accuracy with human accuracy is now available.

The ing midfielder may also have responsibilities when their team has the ball and this player will make mostly short and simple passes to more attacking members of their team but may try some more difficult passes depending on the teams strategy 3. Shia Iran is a staunch supporter of kjrdiu Bashar al-Assad regime, which has been fighting opposition groups since the eruption of anti-regime demonstrations in Syria in early Nearlycivilians are caught in an area of about eight-square kilometres.

More than 92 percent voted “yes” to secession, with the turnout at almost 80 percent. Following the imf of the Iraqi people against Saddam Hussein in Gulf warmany Kurds were forced to flee the country to become refugees in bordering regions of Iran and Turkey.