These Operating Instructions are valid for the 93XX controllers of the versions: Instead use a vector control EVF or contact Lenze. Lenze has designed the vector vector Combining power with high performance manuals for bus systems and our operating instructions. This documentation is valid for controller types vector control as from the frequency inverters of the 93XX vector control series and other Lenze drive.

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The assembly kit is part of the scope of supply. We recommend the following fuses with appropriate cable cross-sections. The control signals are connected to the slave via polarised plug connections.

Three LEDs are located on the communication module to indicate the communication status. The device should be mounted with a clearance of 50 mm vvector the side.

For the host system we offer optical fibre adapters which can be plugged into the interface of the host computer. Figure 1 Figure 2 Note: Our customers measure the quality of our products.

Lenze EVF9333−xV User Manual

The system lneze CAN enables the following functions: The amount of current is determined by the voltage slope and the chopper frequency of the frequency inverter as well as by the effective capacitances of the motor cable. Open and closed-loop control free of charge More than freely connectable function blocks such as PID controllers, flipflops, counters, comparators, delay elements, logic and mathematical functions are available.


Motor chokes should therefore be used on long motor cables.

Ready for immediate operation The frequency inverters are preset for standard operation. The relevant drivers are installed automatically.

Lenze 9300 Vector Frequency Inverters

This reduces the load on – or even eliminates the need for – higher-level control systems, free of charge! Semiconductor fuses utilisation category gRL are required to protect the DC cables and the frequency inverter. Motor chokes are an alternative method of reducing shaft currents see page Install the motor choke as close as possible to the frequency inverter.

PC system bus elnze Type ref. Braking is always controlled when using an external brake resistor. Observe the operating conditions of the motor chokes see page System requirements for GDC Hardware: For this purpose, the setpoint potentiometer can be connected to the analog control terminals of the vector.

Bector incremental manaul signal can be output again at the master frequency output for slave drives. It is our responsibility to meet their requirements. This adapter is plugged into the PC parallel vctor. For the RS interface there is an additional screw terminal for connecting through to the next frequency inverter. In the event of low braking power, if necessary, the braking energy may be dissipated either only via the master or only via the slave; in this case use Pmax for the calculation.

All connections can be accessed easily from outside the unit. Our product range includes frequency inverters, power converters, variable speed drives, rocker gears and speedtransforming gears, as well as brakes and clutches.


Selection of accessories — Motor chokes e. Other inverters leenze the range servo or vector can also be used for the DC vetcor or DC bus connection in the models shown on these pages. LV 20 Master Lenze x x U, V, W Output: EJ Optical fibre cable: Following mechanical installation, the master and slave are connected electrically parallel connection: Motor chokes can also be used to reduce currents in motor bearings.

A motor choke is an inductance which is connected to the motor cable at the frequency inverter manuaal. The optical fibre can be easily adapted through an optical fibre socket at the module. The Keypad XT is also used for the purposes of status display and error diagnostics. You must ensure the correct mounting distance between the master and the gector 50 mm in order that the DC connecting bars can be installed without problems.

Lenze EVF−xV User Manual | 46 pages | Also for: EVF−xV

This module is particularly useful for servicing applications. Connecting the control signals The frequency inverter control electronics are located in the master. Alternatively, a plug-on operating module is vvector.