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This book gets a 5 for humesc and innovation, but it was a chore to read. On the other, GR defines these stars as to how well one liked the book.

Published by Curtea Veche first published If you consider to read it, train your patience first- you’ll need it. It effectively evokes fifteenth century Istanbul, and makes an important plot device—and more important, makes intelligible—the complex debate of Islamic belief and art, especially regarding the representation of human beings.

Mă numesc Roşu

This book could have been great. I’ve spent quite a bit of time debating how to rate this book- more than once it nearly landed on my “May I please have these hours of my life back” shelf, mostly because it moves so, so slowly and because for me the detail that Pamuk puts into it turns into nothing more than tedium.

The same year Pamuk went to America, where he was a visiting scholar at Columbia University in New York from to For gods sake, this book consists the dullest sex scene I have ever read. If it is, My Name Is Red is a total boredom that fails to make the reader feel any excitement or curiosity.

Moreover, the storyline around Sjekure really disappointed me: Interesting story regarding Istanbul in the 16th century. Well, in theory yes, but not in execution, for a multitude of reasons.

It’s sort-of a murder mystery set in 16th-century Turkey, by a Turkish author. I mean, I typically enjoy books from this setting. My rule of thumb is, if a bo Nummesc enjoyed the first few hundred pages, then for some reason my interest waned halfway through the book.


Why this book was difficult for me: All told the examination of how “Frankish” art, one that has perspective and tried to perfectly mimic what the artist sees, was going to impact the Ottoman style, which was based on older masters and the philosophy that a painting should represent what Allah saw.

There is a lengthy section of the book between Shekure’s last two chapters allowing the reader to forget about her problems. They rossu like superficial, two-dimensional puppets more than psychologically complex human beings.

It asks big questions about art and history and religion.

First of all, characters are the worst part of it. Using that reasoning, I’ll have to give it two. Its sixteenth century Istanbul, pinnacle of ottoman rule, a book of illustrations is in the making, the contents of the book are being kept secret until it completes, as the Sultan demands.

But while reading I more and more got the impression that Rodu was talking about something else than just a debate amongst artistic schools.

Now I’ll go read something funny to unwind! He strings the reader along exp My Name is Red captures the essence of an era of Turkish book illustration during the 16th century. After graduating from the secular American Robert College in Istanbul, he studied architecture at Istanbul Technical University for three years, but abandoned the course when he gave up his ambition to become an architect and artist.

Read it only if you want to learn about Ottoman daily life as I did for my Ottoman history class. Even though I am interested in the Ottoman Empire and historical fiction, his style is so dry and descriptive that I permanently got bored.

It was there that he wrote most of his novel The Black Bookin which the streets, past, chemistry and texture of Istanbul are described through the story of a lawyer seeking his missing wife. I felt like I was reading the King James Version of some religious document that covered all these subjects.

It could have dug deeper into Ottoman society of which we barely scratched the surface.

  ASTM E1300-12 PDF

Dengan riset yang berdedikasi. Their troubles seemed particularly petty and uninteresting to me. I had the impression that na stories recounted over and over would be mundane in a comforting wayfamiliar and meaningful for people from that culture they weren’t for me.


eosu Each chapter has something to do with this theme, and all around it are the lives of the master engravers, their lovers, their opinions on this highly charged topic. The book is told through the eyes of several narrators – the miniaturists, their master, some of the subjects of the illustration, a matchmaker, the love interest of one of the Black, her father and the murderer who is also numssc of the above. There is even a murder mystery, although an anemic one, and the fulfillment of a great lost love hangs in the balance.

My Name Is Red is ma numesc rosu a book. Part of the fun of a mystery is being able to guess at some of the possible solutions as you read. Very odd to have someone proclaim his praises to God or Allah in this case, and then recall how lovely it was to bugger the pretty boys. Perhaps, it was an accepted part of Ottoman culture, I don’t know, but one reference would have been sufficient to express this. It’s a real work of literary art, but it’s a chore to read, and for me – it was just okay.

View all 35 comments. The love story was not that interesting and I did not like Shekure, she was very manipulative and did not seem to know what she wanted. Jun 30, Bogdan rated it it was ok. Finally, the frequent change in POV was detrimental to any sort of narrative inertia. But seriously, though this book is amazing I can’t get into it. Open Preview See a Problem?